“CNN, “Kanye is Trump’s token negro”

Kanye West recently visited President Trump at the White House in the Oval Office. He discussed his thoughts on various topics and issues with the Black community such as welfare and single parent households. Showing his support for President Trump and his actions as President benefitting all Americans. Liberal MSM did not like it one …

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“Trump gets baited to sign spending bill-Or did he?”

President Trump has certainly let a large amount of his supporters down recently as he threatened to veto the spending bill [Omnibus bill]. But as I believe he was baited with the allure of a grand, unstoppable military he just couldn't resist signing it. It only leaves $1.6 Billion to start the wall, when at …

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“Trump and Kim Jong Un to have a “sit-down”

It has come out that for the first time, our POTUS - Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump agreed to meet with him in regards to the back-and-forth that has been going on for a while about NK denuclearizing, and the prior failed ballistic missile tests by NK as well. …

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