“CNN, “Kanye is Trump’s token negro”

Kanye West recently visited President Trump at the White House in the Oval Office. He discussed his thoughts on various topics and issues with the Black community such as welfare and single parent households. Showing his support for President Trump and his actions as President benefitting all Americans. Liberal MSM did not like it one …

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“Sen. Collins attacked for SCOTUS vote”

It is quite unfortunate but I called it. The left and insane feminists are viciously going after any and all people who are supportive of Judge Kavanaugh. But to attack Susan Collins for voting "yes" to confirm Kavanaugh? She is suddenly a rape apologist because of this? Let's not forget folks, Kavanaugh has not been …

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“Who could have guessed-Dems, Flake push delay”

    So we all know of the Senate hearing held the other day if not watching the circus first hand. Democrat Senators grandstanding and accusing Judge Kavanaugh of the most ridiculous things, asking him disgusting questions and simply smearing the man with preposterous claims. From alleged claims without a scintilla of corroborating evidence, to …

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