About & Contact

Hey folks, I am William J. Anderson-Noble. I am from the greater Philadelphia area. Most would say I fall on the Right of the Political spectrum. I’m somewhat Libertarian on social issues such as marriage, but I am a proud Conservative.

Just so you know where I stand:

I am an advocate for Free speech and 2nd amendment in particular, I stand by our Constitution. I am for a free & fair market. I am unapologetically pro West, pro-Israel, pro-life. I am also for secure borders and a sovereign nation.  I want a border wall. No more chain migration, no visa lottery.

I’m against modern-day, or “Third-Wave-Feminism”. There is no such thing as “hate speech”. I am strongly against Sharia law and the problems the West has with Islam. Islam, Marxism, Socialism, and Communism are all problematic as they are corrupt and detrimental ideologies that threaten our Judeo-Christian values. I personally feel that big government sucks. Because it does. Lastly, I’m against globalism, identity politics, and group think.


If anyone is looking to join the team, email me and submit a piece of your writing. Always looking to build!  (email below)



I am creating a new studio to get my podcast “The Free Speech Den” with William Anderson up and going early 2018.

Too many Leftists dominating the Mainstream Media with their propaganda: Such as MSNBC, CNN, NBC, Vox, CBS, ABC, Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Washington Post, etc. We need more Conservative speakers.

I already have some great people who share my passion and want to make sure the people’s voice is heard, and provide some entertainment & comedy while doing so. I am excited to say I have confirmed some great interviews and guests booked for the show!

Remember to always get your own, informed opinion. Let’s all stay vigilant, as this country stays strong only with an open dialogue. And that is exactly what we are providing here at Noble Media.



If you wish for me to discuss a particular topic, contact me:  thewillofthepeople.media@gmail.com





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