” MSD officer arrested”


Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Security Officer of Broward County’s Sheriffs office Scott Peterson was arrested after a disciplinary hearing the other day. Pederson was the one officer on school grounds when Nikolas Cruz shot 17 innocent students and faculty while Pederson hid outside like a coward. There was a 15 month investigation into his lack of response that day in Parkland.

His arrest is for multiple charges such as culpable negligence and even perjury. But in summation, neglect of duty. His neglect of his sworn duty to protect those students and faculty members cost lives and there is no disputing that. He was the closest officer to the shooter that day. Hiding outside for over 40 minutes also directing other responders to stay 500 feet away from the school.

His bail has been set at $102k and his passport revoked. He was also fired as expected for neglect of duty. Some, especially his attorney’s say this is not a fair indictment and it is nothing but political. Of course the families of the slain from MSD want him to be put away for the rest of his life. Should his cowardice put him in jail? Or should he suffer without his job, pension or benefits, and the shame for the rest of his life for not acting and costing innocent lives?

It’d be an interesting debate. Me personally, when you take a sworn oath as an officer to uphold the law. To protect and serve. You don’t have the luxury of not taking action when something tragic takes place. Think of a person who has a card that they’re properly trained to perform CPR. If that person let someone die when CPR could have saved their life they could be culpable. So with that said Peterson being an officer of the law, someone who was sworn to protect the innocent. In this case everyone on those school grounds, he deserves what he gets in that court room.

Rumors are he may be facing up to 97 years, which of course would be a life sentence. Another officer Sgt. Brian Miller, was fired from the Sheriff’s department for neglect of duty. Though he has not been charged, he as well was on the grounds minutes after and did not act. We all must understand that actions and even inactions require accountability. He may not have committed the crime,  but he sure as hell could have lessened its impact if not being able to have stopped it.

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