“Ivanka, you’ve got mail”


So of course we like to ensure there is nothing classified going through someone’s personal emails. Ivanka Trump has been talked about a lot lately whether or not she has pulled what I call a “Hillary Clinton”. But anyone trying to compare Ivanka’s email “situation” to Hillary Clinton’s is either greatly misinformed, has a wild imagination, or is out of their friggen tree.

Now yes, Trey Gowdy the House oversight committee chair will be looking into this matter to make sure there is nothing in fact to this email situation. Though he is retiring after his term, Elijah Cummings has shown intent to pursue this as he will be taking over as House oversight committee chair. But there are a couple of simple things we already know that shows that comparing Ivanka to HRC in this scenario is simply ridiculous.

Ivanka may have been unfamiliar will all of the WH rules for sending record keeping emails. Ivanka turned every bit of her information over for review upon request. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Ivanka did not use her personal email for business use nor did she have a private server which was then destroyed via bleachbit to cover up the evidence including those deleted 33,000 emails. Ivanka also did not solicit classified information to individuals lacking clearance like HRC did.

At worst, Ivanka made an honest mistake. But more importantly, she didn’t try to cover her tracks in any way. Nothing to show intent of knowingly conducting WH business on her personal emails. Nothing to show intent of sending classified information through her personal email and certainly no evidence of intent to commit any wrong doing.


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