“Eric Swalwell threatens nukes on Americans”


Though on Twitter, and evident that he was using sarcasm. Representative Swalwell of California has made it clear he plans to try to enforce a mandatory “buy back” law of legally owned firearms. Oh the left argues it as if you have a choice to partake. Unfortunately this is not true. If the law was put into effect, anyone that refused to surrender their legally owned firearms would be subject to penalties including jail time.

Swalwell was having disagreements on social media when 2nd amendment advocates such as myself were explaining how we would utilize our 2nd amendment rights to defend ourselves as well as our freedoms from a government that becomes totalitarian ridding us of certain liberties we have as Americans. How we would fight back and not surrender our firearms as it is our God-given right under the constitution. Swalwell responded stating “the government has nukes, it would be a very short fight”.

Well Eric, don’t forget there are tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners that would not be so willing to be stripped of their right to protect themselves. Second, you do not possess the ability to authorize any launch of any nukes, Lastly, sarcastic or not that comment was irresponsible and f*cking insane. Can you imagine if any conservative made a comment about nuking its own people here in the states? The only comparison by a leftist was Trump, of course. Yet they seem to not understand the difference between bringing up nukes regarding a hostile dictatorship like North Korea [ at least before peace talks ] versus nuking your fellow citizens.

Swalwell came under fire, no pun intended. He of course immediately backtracked stating he simply meant law-abiding gun owners wouldn’t stand a chance against the government if they were to try to confiscate so-called assault weapons [aka semi automatic which is virtually every firearm]. But was that really any better? I am pretty sure Eric Swalwell has just reassured the nation why we have and must keep our 2nd amendment rights in tact.


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