“Eagles offense finally wakes up VS Giants”


Now, taking a break from politics on this one. I am not largely supporting the NFL since the nonsense with Kaepernick and the kneeling. But I have always been a die-hard Eagles fan being from Philadelphia.

Last night on Thursday Night Football, the Eagles took on their division rivals the NY Giants. It was held in northern New Jersey, supposedly a home game for New York. But the Eagles fans were strong in presence last night. And the Eagles gave them a show.

The Eagles scored more points in the first half than they had in a full game so far this year. Scoring 14 in the first quarter and 24 by the end of the first half where they lead 24-6. The only positive for the Giants was Barkley their drafted running back who had a great game. He had the Giants only touchdown.

Eli Manning was pressured the whole night, sacked four times. He was intercepted early which resulted in one of the two early Eagle touchdowns. The Eagles defense did a great job of keeping the Giants our of the end zone, especially once in the red one inside the 20.

Carson Wentz had the best protection I’ve seen all year, even with Peters and Johnson out due to injury. He threw for 3 touchdowns, 2 to Alshon Jeffrey and one to Zach Ertz. Nelson Agholor had a few big catches in the game as well. The running game was solid enough with Smallwood and Clement. But Wentz was the star last night, looking like last year’s star QB for the first time since returning from a torn ACL.

The Eagles defense buckled down in the second half, surrendering only 7 points. The offense kept moving the ball though only adding 10 points. They had such a lead they played more to the run to drain the game clock, and did so effectively. Odell Beckham was held to only 44 reception yards as he showed his frustration on the sideline. But what else is new. The game ended with the Eagles victorious, 34-13.

The Giants now at 1-5, and seemingly like Eli Manning may be gone after this season have many questions. Their offensive line is a joke, their defense doesn’t play well as a unit. All they have to pride themselves on is their star running back. But one thing is for sure, the Eagles may have looked better per their opponent. But the offense thrived, the defense was solid. They are now 3-3 atop the NFC East. I think this is a big confidence booster for the whole team that should carry into next week VS Carolina.

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