“CNN, “Kanye is Trump’s token negro”

Kanye visits the White House.

Kanye West recently visited President Trump at the White House in the Oval Office. He discussed his thoughts on various topics and issues with the Black community such as welfare and single parent households. Showing his support for President Trump and his actions as President benefitting all Americans. Liberal MSM did not like it one bit. CNN decided to get nasty.

On Don Lemon’s program there were a few guests who appeared, all trashing Kanye. Bakari Sellers referred to him as a “negro that doesn’t read”. Others on the program, “He is a token negro for Trump”. Dismissing him as a traitor to the Black community. Even questioning Kanye’s mental health simply because he holds views and opinions that differ from how according to them, “Black folks must think”.

Lemon even chose to take aim at Kanye’s deceased mother stating, “Kanye’s mother must be turning in her grave”. So I guess now it’s ok for the left to be openly racist on national television? I know their ratings are in the toilet and dropping, but come on, imagine if a conservative said that on Fox News. It’d be called out as an appalling act.

For whatever reason, liberal media and the left think they should control everyone in the Black community. You dare speak against them, and instead of them debating your talking points, they smear you and call you names. It’s no wonder why along with Trump’s success, the Black community is distancing from the Democratic party.

Truth is, the left is scared. They know if this trend continues that they will never have a chance of regaining power and control over Americans. So they’ve resorted to inciting violence, and trashing anyone that thinks for themselves and disagrees with them. The Democrats are so frustrated they are really showing their true colors, and it’s disturbing.

Kanye may not be the wisest when it comes to policy, but why should that mean he can’t speak his mind? Herschel Walker has called for Don Lemon to be fired after the atrocious and racist attack on Kanye. It would be a step in the right direction for CNN. But they have a very long road to ever becoming a legitimate news station again. No matter your race, no matter your view on politics and policy. There is never a justification to speak like that about people for having their own views.



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