“Antifa Portland & the left”


Antifa far leftists at it again in Portland, Oregon. Taking up the roads blocking an intersection. Ordering people turn when they wish to drive straight, “because they told them to”. Violent mobs verbally threatening drivers including the elderly, some even hitting vehicles as they drive away.

One of the more ridiculous comments I heard when watching recorded video on this was a bunch of White, far left losers not only obstructing traffic but yelling “you White loser!” at random civilians. Do these idiots not own a mirror? I’m confident they don’t have real jobs, but even living in mother’s basement you’d think they have access to a mirror.

Now there are Antifa groups around the country sad to say. But this was the most recent story to come out since the left seemingly started condoning and even encouraging the members of the left to attack conservatives at a whole new level. From Hillary Clinton stating “we can not be civil with Republicans”, to Eric Holder “when Republicans go low, we kick them”, to the prior comments of Maxine Waters inciting mobs to harass Trump supporters in public places.

It always seems in the last couple years we say it couldn’t possibly get worse, and then it does. We have had leftists shoot our representatives, attack people with weapons, suppress free speech, and lately false accusations to smear people the left disagrees with.  Now even Democrat leaders like Holder are encouraging more aggression or even violence to conservatives.

Antifa claims to be an anti-fascist group. Yet they are the ones suppressing free speech, physical and verbally attacking people who do not agree with them. Obstructing people’s every day lives. Don’t get it twisted, they are in fact the fascists. It is pathetic and the fact that the Democrats running these cities do nothing is a disgrace. CNN can state all they want that “there is no such thing as a leftist mob.”

The evidence proves to be to the contrary. I see an easy win for conservatives come November. The question remains is how low, and how far will these maniacs go before something is done about it. Before someone ends up getting killed.


One thought on ““Antifa Portland & the left”

  1. Apparently these Antifa goofballs haven’t taken the time to read up on what a Fascist is and what they do. Because their whole agenda is Fascist! And exactly how does an oversized WHITE she and HE actually have the gall to yell at another WHITE person and call them out for being WHITE? Maybe if they were to spend a bit more of their free time reading instead of parroting what they are told is true then they might think twice before they annoy ordinary citizens. Maybe they will see the divine light of the cult following and Jim Jones themselves! Free Blue Koolaid for all you protesters!

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