“Nikki Haley’s resignation”


So surprising news came out of the blue about Ambassador Nikki Haley resigning from her position. She has been representing the United States in the UN for going on two years. Of course, even after the live interview with she and President Trump regarding her decision the media is having a field day with guesses a to why she is resigning.

She will be finishing the year in her position before leaving, giving time for Trump and company to find a replacement. They will be big shoes to fill as Haley has been a strong and successful individual in that role. There were later reports that Trump has narrowed his list to five possible candidates.

Nikki Haley had a very successful 2 years as ambassador to the United Nations. From working with, negotiating and or handling crisis in; North Korea, Syria, Iran and Russia. As well as strengthening our relationship with Israel pushing Trump’s promise to move the Embassy back to Jerusalem. She spoke passionately about how the United States is respected again. How some countries may not love what the United States does all the time but respects what we do. Spoke of how she even once out of her position will never stop fighting for America.

Haley was incredibly strong and direct as our UN Ambassador. When she helped Trump accomplish the reinstatement of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. To negotiations with North Korea helping Trump in denuclearizing the nation and bringing peace between the North and South. NK has been closing manufacturing locations. No more threats, no more missle launches. Sanctions on Russia for their support of Syria, as well as dealing with threats from Iran.

As to her resignation announced yesterday, to no surprise there was speculation that it may have had to do with Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed as Supreme Court Justice. Or just in general the overall rhetoric and protests from many women on the far left with things like pressure tactics and targeted harassment on elected representatives. Don’t buy into any of it. Haley wouldn’t allow herself to be bullied by those crazy far-left feminists.

Haley told President Trump over 6 months ago she planned on resigning after finishing out the year. So that debunks any rumors that it has anything to do with Kavanaugh being confirmed. From both her and the President’s statements it seems she simply needs a break from it all. She served 6 years as Governor before going straight into her role as Ambassador to the UN. we will have to wait and see who is going to take the position after the end of the year. One thing is for certain, Haley will be missed.



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