“Dems new target; Women”

Feminist liberals protesting the appointment of Kavanaugh without evidence.

The protests in D.C. against the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh for no justifiable reason other than “believe women” without due process and corroborating evidence is nonsensical in and of itself. But these women are taking it to a whole new level of idiocy and strong-arm tactics endorsed by the far left.

Even though Christine Blasey-Ford’s accusations have been all but debunked, women on the left have been making threats to the strong possibility of Kavanaugh being our new Supreme Court Justice. Amazing, an uncorroborated claim and 12 days of accusations versus 30 years of hard work, being a model citizen, family man and having a clean record. Now 7 FBI investigations into Brett Kavanaugh and not a single shred of evidence that would disqualify him. But this means nothing to the women protesting his appointment.

They don’t believe in due process or the presumption of innocence. This should scare anyone in their right mind that they feel this way. Though Rasmussen has shown the majority do not share their insane views, there is a large amount of these women that insist on believing accusers at all costs. Very dangerous grounds to tread on.

It is obvious the Democrats are using women to again try to strong-arm the Republicans so they can regain power in any way possible. For years, it was the Black community that Democrats would push the false narratives to and continue scaring them into voting Democrat. The welfare state making most dependent on the government. Sadly, many still do, but the numbers are dwindling and the left knows it.

More recently, we had the debates over illegal aliens in this country and not only were Democrats pushing for open borders [and they still are ], but they were issuing them State ID’s and encouraging them to vote illegally in federal elections. Pushing sob stories about families of illegal aliens being separated at the border. Would American families stay together after committing a felony? In many cases multiple and violent felonies? I highly doubt it. Anything to regain power, that is the left’s way. Win at any cost. Even if detrimental to Americans.

But now, since the uncorroborated accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, the left has been using women who are gullible enough to buy into this nonsense to protest against his appointment to the Supreme Court. Democrats know full well Kavanaugh is a Constitutionalist and the left does not want him in the Supreme Court for the next 30 or so years. Calling him a rapist, gang rapist, alcoholic, ill-tempered. It is all a sham.

The man has a 30 year track record of being more than qualified and more importantly an impartial judge. It amazes me how hypocritical Democrats have been since there is a history of their own with credible allegations of sexual assault yet that doesn’t fit their narrative so it’s kept quiet. Alyssa Milano has been a leader in these protests and it is funny since she has shown admiration for rapist Bill Clinton on her Twitter account.

Point is, it is obvious what the left is doing peddling false narratives and drawing at straws to make Kavanaugh look like the ” bad guy”. The man, his reputation and family have all been threatened and scrutinized. But he hasn’t backed down nor given in to the left’s tactics.

These women protesting need to stop simply “believing women” when there are no facts to back their claims. Stop attacking men and women that believe Kavanaugh. At least be consistent, protest others with actual history and evidence of assault like Keith Ellison. Or does he get a pass because he’s a Democrat?

It’s all utter nonsense and these women should realize not only are they arguing against the rule of law, due process and innocent until proven guilty. They are setting a dangerous precedent that will destroy a large part of what makes this country so great to be a part of. Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and I sincerely hope these ridiculous threats by the left are not carried through.

It is expected to be 51-53 votes in favor of confirming Kavanaugh. It’s about damn time. Senator Flake reportedly will go forward to confirm Kavanaugh as he was questionable. Ladies, stop following accusations and follow the evidence. And remember to not call a man a rapist when he hasn’t been proven guilty of a single bit of wrong doing.

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