“SNL, TMZ fail to bully Kanye”

Kanye bullied backstage showing support for Trump on SNL.

Kanye West appeared on Saturday Night Live just the other day. He was wearing a, “make America Great Again” baseball cap showing his support for President Trump. It was initially reported that he had been bullied backstage and members of SNL were telling him he had to remove the hat before going on stage. Kanye as a free-thinker, and not succumbing to pressure wore the hat anyway to his credit. He said, ” I am an American, and I support our President”.

West later clarified that it wasn’t necessarily SNL members that bullied him, but rather individuals within his circle that told him not to wear his “Trump hat” on stage. But he stood strong despite the reactions from SNL and many in the crowd in attendance. He also spoke to how he appreciated the opportunity to express himself freely and respected that many there likely disagreed with him per the fact SNL is extremely liberal. Why cant the left show the same respect to Kanye?

Respect the man’s position, we all have that right. Anytime a Black man especially with Kanye’s influence isn’t “falling in line” with the Democrat agenda, the person is labeled an uncle tom, a traitor to their race, or worse. Different beliefs changes a man’s skin tone all of a sudden? Somehow magically is less of a Black man because he supports President Trump who has actually done a lot of good for the Black community since being elected?Give me a break.

TMZ also interviewed West. Harvey Levin as well asked for Kanye to remove his MAGA hat. As in his view, it “sends the wrong message to the Black community.” Levin in a statement, “I’m all for free speech, but when you wear that hat, which is a symbol of Donald Trump, I don’t understand why that isn’t a mixed message because Donald Trump has not been a friend of the black community”. I find that particularly disturbing, considering how much the Black community is thriving since President Trump took office.

Lowest Black unemployment in history. Immense growth for Black owned small businesses. Cracking down on illegal aliens who draw benefits from the Black community. But sure, I guess just being mislabeled by liberal MSM is enough to make him an “enemy” of the Black community.

Nonsense, but this is what the left pushes to continue trying to convince Blacks that Trump is somehow racist. It’s no wonder more and more Blacks are awakening to this madness and are leaving the Democratic party. It is driving the left insane that they’re losing that control. And believe me they’re all about control. We need more free thinkers like Kanye, ones not afraid to speak their mind and express their beliefs.




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