“Attacks on “Man-Spreading”


A women recently was revealed in a video to be performing attacks on over 5 dozen men for so-called “man-spreading”. Feminist activist and Russian law student Anna Dovgalyuk was pouring bleach and water mixtures on the crotches of these men who were doing so on the St. Petersburg Metro. Saying in part of her statement “if you men are going to publicly show how macho you are, we will publicly cool you off “. These radical, uneducated feminists need to stop the attacks and hatred on men for no justifiable reason.

She claims the bleach being poured on these men is allegedly 30x more concentrated than bleach used to do laundry by housewives. Funny, she said “used by housewives”. Men can’t do laundry? Only housewives? I do my own laundry, so shall I complain that was sexist of her? No, just redundant and idiotic. And I won’t because I am not a hypocritical, whiney child.

The men she attacked in the video mostly reacted in complete shock while some attempted to confront her for her insane actions. She went on to add how “this man-spreading is a disgusting act being fought around the world”. And “Men demonstrating their alpha-manhood in the subway with women and children around, deserve contempt.”

Let us man-spreaders clarify; We do not do this out of a sense of entitlement or a need of being macho. Our equipment is on the outside. If we could sit comfortably without our legs spread a bit we would since it apparently bothers you so damn much. But it’s how God made us. Ladies, do you need to retake biology? Men have a biological difference from women, [duh] which makes it necessary to have our legs slightly spread when sitting down regardless of where. It’s called having a penis and testicles.

I challenge any woman who has an issue with so-called man-spreading to put something that resembles the real life appendage between their legs and see how comfortable it would be to squeeze your legs together. Something tells me the ladies will back off very quickly from their man-spreading attacks. If not putting it to the test, look at the most common and logical example. Men when crossing their legs tend to have a “T” shape to provide more room for that region. While women, though for other reasons like their clothing selection cross their legs more like an “X” in overlapping fashion. Very seldom you see a man sit in that way.

Modern day feminists really have lost it completely. It is obvious this “movement” is nothing more than an attack on men. Looking for any excuse to go after men, accuse them without justification or good reason. They’ll do anything or say anything in the name of “gender equality”.

It has nothing to do with a patriarchy. Nothing to do with women being 2nd class citizens. They’re not, though they continuously pretend to be and play the victim. Stop playing the victim. There is no right afforded to men that women do not also have in this country, that’s for sure. Most developed and or westernized countries are as well. But in the case of man-spreading? Ladies, we can’t help it though I know many of you feminists may want to castrate us. So let’s cut the nonsense [pun intended]. Oh, and by the way, I am currently “man-spreading”. God bless.

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