“Guilty until proven innocent”


The left has been not only hypocritical but also going above and beyond ridiculousness in regards to common sense law. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. But if you are not on the left, you are seemingly guilty until proven innocent and accusers do not require corroborating evidence to support their claims.

Sometime last week Dianne Feinstein of California with a last-ditch effort came out stating a woman, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had come forward with a sexual assault claim against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh conveniently during his Supreme Court nomination hearings. Conveniently, over 35 years after the alleged incident.

The left is going off the wall stating how we must believe this woman’s claims and stop Kavanaugh from being appointed to the Supreme Court. People on the right saying how there is no possibility of her claim being true. Both are wrong in their statements. I do find it odd that the timing the claim came out was right before he would be confirmed to the court. I also find it odd there is no corroborating evidence to support her claim, she can not even recall when the alleged incident occurred. Ford’s lawyer has even stated how her client doesn’t have to corroborate her story.

That is obviously a load of nonsense. If you make an accusation like that, you darn well be able to corroborate in some way, shape or form. It also just came out that Ford will not testify to the Senate Committee until after there is a FBI investigation into her accusation against Kavanaugh. Seems to convenient as an attempt to stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

So I am not saying we should dismiss her as the claim is serious, I am certainly not saying we need to believe her simply because she says it happened. This is part of why the #MeToo movement has become nothing more than a movement that destroys lives. Many innocent people being accused of things they did not do but their names are destroyed forever. False accusers should be legally responsible and should be punished for making such claims in my opinion and I am not alone on this.

It’s a hoot listening to someone like Hillary Clinton insist we must listen to this woman and believe her because it is the right thing to do. Coming from HRC, mind you the same woman who attacked the women that were assaulted by her husband Bill Clinton years ago. And they actually had some credibility. HRC and the rest of the left also seem to love taking the high road when someone who is not a Democrat allegedly does something wrong like this but never speak up when it’s one of their own.

Take Joe Biden or Keith Ellison for example. Biden touches young girls openly in photo ops, and Ellison who is likely to be the Attorney General has a record and evidence showing he has committed domestic abuse yet the left says nothing about it. Complete hypocrisy at its finest. There are even police reports and 911 calls to corroborate the claims against Keith Ellison.

Fact remains all sexual assault claims should be taken seriously. But when there is nothing to back up a claim we can not sit there and pretend the person is already guilty of it. There is a reason in this country we have a saying of “innocent until proven guilty” regarding our justice system. The left only believes in this if it’s another Democrat. But if you’re against them in any way, then you are automatically guilty until proven otherwise. And in this case, they claim Kavanaugh is guilty with no corroborating evidence. It seems to me like nothing more than a stalling tactic.


3 thoughts on ““Guilty until proven innocent”

  1. John

    I guess Trump and his Trump five article isn’t guilty until proven innocent? Because he said they should get the death penalty before they were found innocent! He is the king if guilty before innocent


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