“MSM amplifies falsity yet again”


Mainstream media has been amplifying a false narrative yet again to stir up more controversy and sow political discord starting with the fake news about Zina Bash and her alleged “white power” symbol while sitting in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Since, the left and MSM have been looking at every single insignificant hand gesture to make it into something they want it to be. They claim it “may have been false in the beginning, but is now a white nationalist symbol of the alt-right”.

This could not be further from the truth. For starters, Zina Bash is of Jewish ancestry, so to claim she is making white supremacist symbols in utterly ridiculous. Simply because of how she was resting her one hand on her forearm while sitting in attendance during a Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Since, social media has been in a firestorm including threats to her and her family. There have been retractions on this, but many on the left still are affected by the false narrative Kool-Aid.

Now, because of the hurricane battering the east coast, there was an interview reported by NBC with the US Coast Guard. Apparently, to their reporting you can see another man who works there in the background resting his head in his right hand while sitting at work. Simply because of how his hand was placed against his head, he was reportedly making a similar “white nationalist” symbol.

Even the very left Ant Defamation League has deemed that this is not a symbol of racism or white nationalism. Frankly, any idiot should know it generally used to symbolize that something is “OK”. Yet the left and the so-called “resistance” still follow this falsity.

The member accused from the Coast Guard has been put on suspension despite the silliness of the claim. Pending further investigation said the Coast Guard and how they will see about the symbolism and take appropriate action. The symbolism would not be tolerated.

Understandably, being accused of this nonsense they are likely just covering their ass. But NBC to no surprise claims it is “an alt-right symbol though it may have been nothing but an internet troll before” regarding Zina Bash. How desperate does MSM have to be to dupe the public into believing this garbage? Well, that is rhetorical. They are obviously willing to sink to the lowest depths to cause unneccessary controversy. Don’t drink the kool-aid.


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