“Passed on wealth-Right or wrong?”

In the United States, we keep what we earn, Lord knows we already pay plenty in taxes.

It is quite unfortunate how many Communists there are currently in the United States. Mostly of the younger sort. But an argument had arisen recently about passed on wealth. For example, wealth from your parents being passed down to you such as financial wealth [liquid assets, bank accounts] and property with or without a house included.

Here is the issue with their argument. Stating that it is greed and even theft to accept wealth passed to you from your parents through a written will [ legal by our laws mind you ] is nonsensical. Look at it this way. You, do not decide what is done with the home, property and so forth that my folks worked all of their lives to earn. Earn being the operative word there.

My parents work hard for years upon years, pay their taxes, pay their bills, raise the family. If they buy and pay off the house, it is their right to pass it on to their children or whomever they see fit. I know working hard for something is a strange concept to this new wave and breed of socialists and communists on the far left today. Claiming it should be given away since they would no longer be living seems much more like greed to me.

If your family works hard all of their lives and earn whatever it is they earn, they have the full right to do with it as they please. Passing on a home and or property etc. is no crime nor is it greedy. Just because others may not work as hard or accumulate as much in their lifetime to pass on does not make it unfair.

That is the beauty of Capitalism. You earn what you’re willing to work for and it is yours. There is an equal opportunity for everyone in America to do so. That is the beauty of the United States. I have had enough of these Communist-Marxist ideologues telling me I have to surrender anything passed down to me from my family that they worked hard for all of their lives. When I reach my end, everything I work for is certainly going to go to my loved ones, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you are to receive wealth whether it be money or property and or a home you could always choose to donate it. Again, you may choose to do so. More people do it than you think.

But not because some punk nor the government is forcing it. Pushing a Marxist-Socialist agenda where there is not equality of opportunity but equality of outcome is wrong. Socialism is nothing short of theft. And yes, Venezuela is in fact true Socialism and it is failing epically like every other Maoist, Marxist, or Socialist regime to try it. Millions have died because of it. Keep it out of the United States, our people are free here.

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