” All wrong Alex Ocasio Cortez-Direction of the Left”

Democratic Socialist Alex Ocasio Cortez has shown she’s undeserving of anyone’s vote.

Alex Ocasio-Cortez, who had run a successful campaign to be a legitimate candidate for congress has been all over the media, interviewed, social media, etc. She has quite literally been caught stretching the truth at best if not outright lying in every statement and or interview. She has also been gold if you’re like me and enjoy hearing her major screw-ups showing her lack of knowledge. She is far from deserving a seat in congress.

From doing Facebook live and talking about flipping seats red, unless of course she was being brutally honest and referring to communism. To being pressed during interviews to unpack her tweets about Palestine and not being able to say anything but “I don’t know geopolitics”. Being absolutely incapable of explaining accurately or logically how her socialist plan for America could be realistically paid for. This is a woman who supposedly has a degree in economics, crazy.

She seems to always be throwing out a bunch of random nonsense, and of course you can simply fact check and within moments see how uninformed she is. From her comments about unemployment lows only being due to people working two jobs and 60-80 hours a week. [ Not how unemployment is measured]. To mentioning how 40% of Americans are only earning $20k a year from their jobs, when that would be impossible considering her math is completely off. Maybe she’s including populations from Mexico and Canada.

Only 4.9% of Americans work two jobs. And it is actually 11 out of 48 million wage earners making $16-$20k per year, not taking into account seasonal workers and part-time workers. She mentions about raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. Why would you raise the corporate tax rate when we have had record low unemployment and companies creating more jobs, giving bonuses, raises and reinvesting into their employees and companies?

She wants to implement a carbon tax. So everything from electricity to natural gas, oil, and gasoline will be taxed even more? Sounds more like a cash grab to me. This woman even claims we gave the military an increase of $700 Billion in the budget, and that “no one even asked for it”. Actually, we did not increase the military spending by $700 billion dollars, that wouldn’t be possible Alex. And for the record, General Mattis did in fact request for an increase in military spending.

Cortez is literally just throwing out a bunch of words and people like Trevor Noah just let it go without challenging her. I was actually impressed that Chris Cuomo of all people pressed her a bit on her nonsensical responses on CNN. She certainly has the “gift of gab”, even if any halfwit can see right through her idiotic rhetoric. There is a reason most Democrats that are leading are more “traditional” Democrats versus these socialist idiots.

She talks about free healthcare, as well as free college and renewable energy. There is nothing bad about solar or wind turbines in particular I suppose. But nothing has been proven to work sustainably on a large-scale. Also natural gas has been solid overall. But healthcare and free education is nothing more than pandering to young kids who do not want to work for what they get, which unfortunately is increasing in our younger Americans. Free things sound great in theory, but too bad it would again not be sustainable even taxing our top 0.1% wealthiest people at 100%. It wouldn’t even cover healthcare for 3 years.

But the scary part is there does seem to be a trend of more and more of these far left ideologues growing within the party. First it was Bernie Sanders, now Nixon, Cortez and company. There is certainly a change happening other than their already increasing insanity, violence and ridiculous racist accusations against anyone with a differing opinion. Oppression of our free speech, fascist groups claiming to be “anti-fascists”. Support for pedophilia, open borders and abolishing ICE. Illegals over hard-working Americans. Representatives associated with CAIR [Counsel on American Islamic Relations], which happens to be a HAMAS terrorist front. This is your modern-day left.

There’s a reason there are no successful examples of socialism in history. I can only hope it helps in the continued downfall of the Democratic party. Capitalism gives every American an equal opportunity to work as hard as they want to earn what they want in life. Socialism is simply theft. It is amazing how many idiots claim that “yeah some of these ideas will come from our taxes but the government will pay the rest”. Our taxes fund the government! Just look at Venezuela, maybe Ocasio Cortez should spend a month there and come back to tell us how grand it is. One thing is for sure, her bachelor’s in economics is about as valuable as a Michael Moore diet plan.

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