“Today’s Left-Now defending pedophilia”

Newest Left trend; The rights of pedophiles. Where will the insanity end?

There has been a storm on social media growing in recent days and weeks. More and more people representing Hollywood and other Democrats alike calling that we now look at pedophilia as a “sexual orientation”. The Democratic party of VA has actually said openly they wish to protect the rights of pedophiles and their “right” to molest children. Even condoning groups like NAMBLA. [ Search at your own peril , have a trashcan nearby ]. Why is it the left continues to become more and more unhinged?

Comedians more and more openly making jokes about disgusting acts with children. We already know about what leaked in Hollywood a year ago with people like George Takei and Kevin Spacey. It is all revolting and frankly, pedophiles do not deserve any type of “deserved understanding” from the rest of the population. They deserve to be in jail or a mental institution for the rest of their days.

Director James Gunn was let go recently, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie director for the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” film for rape and pedophile supporting messages and stances on social media, Twitter in particular. Deservedly so, yet so many on the left have been speaking up for him. Again, who in their right mind defends adults that prey on children!?

The left is trying to make sexual acts even more arbitrary than before. To “blur the lines” with age as it were to make it seem like a natural act. Last I checked, it’s simply rape or statutory rape. They are not deserving of basic rights and sure as heck not special rights or protections. Is this a desperate attempt to simply get all criminals and felons the opportunity to vote? Before it was concentrated on illegal aliens to up the left’s votes. Then allowing people in prison the right to vote, and now pedophiles.

The Left has always been desperate to maintain, in this case regain and keep control of the American people. With the immense successes of President Trump, the left has gone full Marxist and or Socialist like the idiot Ocasio-Cortez. They are not liberals. They may be masquerading as liberals but nothing more. True liberals at least believe in the constitution, individual freedoms and liberties. They believe in free speech. Not today’s left.

Today’s left is the so-called party of “tolerance”. Yet they are constantly making threats and committing physical acts of violence towards anyone that doesn’t see eye to eye with them. Or especially if they support our President Donald Trump. The left today is only preaching tolerance to; MS13 gangs, Palestinian Terrorists, aborting babies, illegal aliens who mind you commit various crimes including murder. Now tolerance to pedophiles. Where will the insanity end?

Only time will tell, the only positive is that it is likely they will make Trump’s re-election in 2020 that much smoother. More and more Americans are walking away from the Democratic party. Waking up to the fact that they have no platform to improve America. They put illegals above our own citizens. And they preach about free healthcare, school, forgiven student loan debt. Yet they have no answers to how this would be paid for. Because there is no answer. Basic economics tells us between this, having to drastically raise our taxes and a mandated minimum wage. That within 3 years max, the United States will be no different from Venezuela.

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