“Why we live in the best country ever”


Commemorating our Independence as a nation in 1776, Happy 4th!

Well Happy Independence Day America! Commemorating our Independence as a nation declared in 1776. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. I wanted to take this opportunity to speak to some of the reasons why The United States is by far the best country ever. As well as why I personally love this country.

Ever since the Declaration was written, which mind you was written days before we won our independence. Meaning no matter the outcome, our people declared we were to be free men. But we of course won our independence. Our Founding Fathers created a Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Providing every American citizen God-given inalienable rights that shall not be infringed. Making them all that much more precious, especially considering we are the only country with guaranteed rights such as ours. From Freedom of Speech to the right to bear arms, to protect ourselves individually, our families and homes. Most importantly the founders added the 2nd amendment to ensure we would never be taken over by a tyrannical government.

Without the 2nd amendment, we wouldn’t be able to ensure the protection of our other constitutional rights. But other than the constitution making our nation so special above all other nations is the fact this is also the freest and most prosperous nation in the world. Built on core principles, ideas and equality of opportunity. It allows any American willing to work for their dreams an equal chance to obtain them. For those on the far left advocating for socialism and open borders. Just know, there has never been a successful socialist regime in history. Open borders, just look at Europe. Germany, the UK, Sweden. The list goes on.

The left mentioned the Nordic States but fail to realize most are not actually true socialist countries. It is also easy to forget I suppose that they live off of our defense budget essentially. Much smaller countries, much smaller populations. It may sound nice in theory, but just look at Venezuela.

If you finish High School, get a job, and not have a child out-of-wedlock, studies show you will not stay poor in this country according to PEW Research. We do have a past going back over 100 years. Even as recent as the 1950’s nd 60’s with Jim Crow, ridding the Jim Crow laws and the Civil Rights movement. There were some blemishes in our history, but Republican leaders like Lincoln fought and successfully got slavery abolished. MLK jr. a Republican was practically the foremost leader of the Civil Rights movement.

We have grown so much as a nation. Now in 2018, though there is civil unrest between the far left and the rest of Americans. We haven’t been in this good a position as a country in many years. From a booming economy, to record GDP growth, historical lows on Black & Hispanic unemployment, massive job creation, good foreign policy by our President and a solid conservative SCOTUS in Neil Gorsuch being appointed. Now with an open seat, Trump can save our constitutional rights for another generation with another solid pick for the Supreme Court.

I could sit here and continue to discuss the unhinged left. But frankly, so many are awakening to their madness and they’re even consuming themselves at this point. The party that is anti-America I feel will soon crumble. Which is to Americans’ benefit quite frankly. So moving on.

I was not wealthy growing up as a kid. But I have a great family of hard-working middle class people. I was taught to be respectful, appreciate the value of earning what I want as well as the value of hard work. It builds character and prepares you for the real world. I started working at a young age, and I am better now for it. My family and I have been through very rough times, but as all hard-working people we always found a way to make it through. Hard work does in fact pay off. I am blessed to have been brought up by such great parents in the best, most free nation in this world.

I feel blessed everyday to be an American. With many military and law enforcement members in the whole family, I am proud they served our nation from WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Middle East and our police officers protecting our communities. I have nothing but respect for them all, family or otherwise. God Bless America, thank goodness for President Trump. I hope you all reflect on how lucky we all are to live in this great nation. Enjoy your 4th of July with your loved ones and celebrating our Independence!




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