“Left Unhinged, Rand Paul threatened”


Man arrested for threats against Rand Paul and family with an ax, left unhinged.

Recently, we have heard and seen many threats made, and even dating back to last year carried out [i.e. Steve Scalise being shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter]. Ironically, Rand Paul was at that very same location when Scalise was shot. The left is becoming more and more unhinged and violent. Maxine Waters’ speech certainly didn’t help anything. But I feel this insanity has been trending upward from the left for sometime since Trump’s election. And there are prime examples proving such a trend.

In particular, the recent threats made to Representative Rand Paul. A man had made a threat to kill he and his family with an ax. Unhinged doesn’t even begin to explain that type of insanity. Happy to say, this individual was quickly arrested by Capitol Police. Paul had thanked them for their swift action to keep he and his family safe. Let us also not forget the threats and ultimate attack that were done to Rand Paul by his own neighbor [Rene Boucher] back in November. Paul suffered broken ribs.

But this latest threat, to not only kill Paul and his family but to “chop them up with an ax”. Pretty sick right? The man has yet to be identified as they further investigate the man before releasing his name.

Something is brewing in the United States and it is nothing near good. The unhinged left has been harassing Trump supporters, threatening the lives of the President and other Republicans. Antifa riots of violence. Attacks on our Constitution and rights. Protesting in favor of illegal aliens coming into the country though it is only to our/their detriment as Americans.

The death threats and attempts have risen, violent rhetoric by the left and leaders in the Democratic party stirring the pot as it were. There are legitimate concerns of a civil war. The only good thing I can say at this point, is we have a strong President. As well as an  opportunity to elect another conservative Supreme Court Justice that can help protect our constitution for many years to come.

Lastly the #WalkAway movement with more and more Democrat voters leaving the party. But I do fear if the left continues this desperate spiral, moving farther left into Marxist socialists. Though it will crumble the party, an uproar of violence feels almost imminent.

We need to rise and stay above the left and their vicious attacks. For the sake of our nation, and all Americans. We must all continue to try to reach out to the other side to reach a civil discourse and hopefully wake them to the realities of the world and this country. But worst case scenario, I almost feel bad for the left if they sincerely want to start a civil war. It’s no mystery why we so passionately support and advocate for our constitutional God-given rights. Including the 2nd amendment. Let’s all hope for the best and get back to having a converstion as Americans.


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