“Hey, let’s protest against our interests!”


They’re criminals & illegal aliens. No one denies their human rights. But the laws the law.

I’ve frankly grown so tired of folks [mostly on the far left] who have been protesting against their own interests without understanding the ramifications. Protesting in favor of things that are damaging to all Americans and contradicting themselves while doing so. From protesting the first and second amendments, to border security, law-abiding gun owners and the NRA.

They think they understand the truth of illegal immigration. They speak of; abolishing ICE, the separation of families, and immigrant’s human rights. Unfortunately they’re illegals not immigrants, and no one denies their human rights. Mind you President Trump has submitted an executive order to no longer separate the families because congress could not pass the legislation thanks to Democratic Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer.

So many signs held about “immigrants”. We do not hold issue with immigrants. We hold an issue with illegal aliens that break our nation’s immigration laws in coming here by illegally crossing our southern border. They bring disease, drugs, criminals. They devour benefits on the tax payers dime. Innocent Americans have lost their lives or have been attacked.

Not to mention, with all of the Black Americans that are protesting to be supportive of the illegals, I honestly feel bad for them. Do they not realize that being only 13-14% of our country’s population, that use a higher percentage of government benefits such as welfare, that allowing illegals in and to stay hurts their community most? Not including the $130 billion dollars a year that illegals cost American taxpayers. I would hope they do not protest against themselves knowingly, and soon learn of the facts of the matter. Because again they’re fighting for open borders which is only to their own detriment as well as every American.

Protests were occurring in major cities nationwide, near the border as well. While the open border pushing Democrats cheer them on along with MSM. I wonder why the Dems are doing this? And I answer, they want to cheer this nonsense of abolishing ICE and allowing illegals into the country because their party is crumbling. They are losing more and more Black & Hispanic votes. So they need to import votes, plain and simple. It is nothing short of a power move. They could care less about those children being sent by their parents illegally. They certainly don’t care about Americans or the Black community though they certainly pretend to be with false narratives and talking points.

“Oh, Donald Trump is an awful man for his zero tolerance immigration policy!” No folks, he is only enforcing the existing immigration laws. Laws that have been in effect for over 20 years.

They never spoke a word on the left or MSM when in 2014 Barack Obama had illegals’ and their children brought illegally in detention centers. But magically, Donald Trump is President and trying to put America first, and attempting to enforce our Nation’s sovereignty and security which is of up most importance. The majority of Americans despite political affiliation do not want illegals coming into this country nor open borders, so let’s stop with the silly protests.




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