“Annapolis-Left wrongfully blamed POTUS, NRA”


Jarrod Ramos, shooter at newspaper kills 5 and injuring more. Shooter in custody.

A tragedy occurred at the Capital Gazette this past Thursday. Where now identified suspect, Jarrod W. Ramos (38 yrs of age) went to this newspaper and with a shotgun walking through the lower level shot multiple people killing 5. There were smoke grenades found in the building showing he had planned this attack in advance. Hence, the prior rumors of a possible bomb. To no surprise, anti gun activists and anti Trumpers were blaming and speculating before the facts of the case were discovered.

Now that information has actually come out, here is what we know so far. It was not a “White male”, yes a light-skinned man but a Hispanic male to be accurate. Not an NRA member, not a Trump supporter. There was no political reason that was behind the shooting.

This man politically is on record as “unaffiliated”. He also has had a long history over 7 years with the paper that drove him to this egregious act. Ramos had sued the paper for defamation, and lost the lawsuit. An Arundel County police official said, “ It was quite obvious this individual had a vendetta against the Capital newspaper“.

The grudge held by Ramos was started when it had been reported he was the subject of a column in said newspaper how he harassed a former classmate from Arundel High School via the internet. Facebook and then via email. Ramos plead guilty to harassment in July of 2011. The column was written by Eric Hartley days after the guilty plea. The article mentioned how Ramos’ stalking of his former classmate was done online and possibly caused her to lose her job.

So this sparked the defamation suit, ironic considering he plead guilty to the harassment charge. Ramos had created a website detailing his complaints against the paper and the writer of the column. He admitted to “doing a bad thing“, “but don’t shun me for how it was portrayed in this newspaper“. Ramos filed the suit in 2012, suing Hartley, the paper and the editor. As mentioned, in the Prince George’s County District Court, he lost the suit.

Ramos had starting making threats on social media about the paper and certain individuals such as Hartley and the editor. On Twitter, Ramos posted he would “enjoy seeing the Capital Gazette newspaper [@capgaznews] cease publication, but it would be nicer to see Hartley and Marquardt [editor] cease breathing“. I’d say that is pretty damning.

The police were contacted in genuine concern about a threat becoming reality by Ramos. But the police said they “found nothing actionable“. Unfortunately, the editor was right. Ramos got his revenge as it were. Thankfully due to Ramos’ lack of cooperation with police, facial recognition identified him.

Hopefully, justice is served and this human piece of garbage who took innocent lives is locked up for the rest of his natural life. And maybe people trying to use scare-tactics whether on social media or on MSM will learn of the facts of a case before spouting hatred and pointing blame simply to “stir the pot”.

They were happy to blame President Trump over this shooting without knowing any of the facts and say his comments about media were the reason. Which of course was proven to not have anything to do with the man’s motives. But the left won’t say anything about things Obama had said and done criticizing police while in office that could have resulted in the deaths of innocent police officers, go figure.



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