” Left more unhinged than ever-Keep it up, please”



At first it began with Antifa members and BLM members attacking people at rallies or gatherings in support of President Trump, or conservative speakers at typically Universities. Now even Press Secretary Sanders along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his spouse harassed at home. Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters all but incited violence in a recent speech. Of course she claims she did not do so now. Too bad it’s on video.

We have had recent attempted killings of conservatives and Republicans, non-stop harassment at restaurants, homes, parks. Remember Representative Scalise was shot at a ballgame and may have been killed by the Bernie supporter if not for the Capitol Police taking the shooter down last year. The Left has become completely unhinged, as if they weren’t bad enough before.

Recently, Press Secretary of the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family were harassed and required to leave a Red Hen restaurant. Simply because she is in President Trump’s employ. The left equates it to the Christian baker not serving for gay weddings. Too bad one is religious freedom backed by the Supreme Court, whereas the other is nothing more than fascism and angry mobs. Sanders and her family however did not argue, they left quietly and respectfully to return home or venture to another place to dine where they were reportedly harassed even further after leaving by Red Hen employees and possibly customers.

How is it that the left claims to have some type of higher morality but at the same time they feel it is acceptable for them to behave in this way? They have a serious case of Trump derangement syndrome. Let’s be serious, Bill Maher literally hoped for a failed economy and a market crash just so President Trump would not be re-elected. That is simply nonsensical and utterly insane. Regardless of your views, we are all Americans and you should want the President, ergo the country to succeed.

We’ve had personalities like Tomi Lahren get a glass beverage thrown at her at a public dining establishment, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch gets called a murderer and her children threatened. But Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood feels entitled and somehow having the right to express her “moral standard” while being a part of a mass murder of unborn children.

Now congressmen Maxine Waters is openly speaking to voters to confront and surround Trump members and voters with words being spoken of nothing short of intimidating them, us. Thankfully Representative Waters of California may be forced to resign. Congress has made a motion for censure and her resignation as her acts and words inciting violence are an utter disgrace. And frankly, she has been a disgrace to “her district” for a long time.

Hollywood is another world in and of itself. We remember Roseanne losing her show though it was an absolute success. A poorly worded tweet taken out of context did her in, especially being a Trump supporter. She apologized, but it did not matter. Yet Peter Fonda can tweet about President Trump’s young son Barron Trump being thrown into a cage and to be more or less raped by criminals. Any repercussions? Of course not. The double standard is astounding.

The very same leftists screaming about how Trump and every conservative is a so-called Nazi or fascist is the definition of the “pot calling the kettle black”. I strongly suggest they pick up a little something called a book or look into an auditory mirror. Far left progressives tweeting and speaking on television about securing our border being the same as Hitler’s camps from the 1930’s.

Last time I checked, our taxpayers and Border Patrol help those kids, [Search the interview where Agent Cabrera destroys CNN Boiling Point’s narrative on the illegal children at the southern border for more context] their parents coming illegally certainly are not. Actual Nazi’s killed over 6 million Jews. To make an equivalency there is a slap in the face to those who had truly suffered. Oh and by the way, Hitler got many of his ideological ideas from Jacksonian Democrats of the 19th century.

Good thing is, with the Supreme Court Justice situation with Justice Kennedy retiring. Trump can soon appoint a second and possibly a third Supreme Court Justice down the road with Ginsburg getting up there in age that could secure the upholding of our Constitution for at least another 30 years. The left is freaking out about this of course. “Trump should not be appointing a SCOTUS during an election year“. Oh? Why are the rules always different for Democrats? Midterm elections 2010 for Obama and he appointed Justice Kagan in August of 2010. This being a midterm election year for Trump, but for some reason it isn’t “right” for him to appoint someone? Give me a break.

So the left certainly so it seems gets to play by different rules for some reason. But they are like a fish out of water right now. They’re losing it in all ways imaginable. Laura Loomer for example, an investigative independent journalist gave Maxine Waters a dose of her own medicine recently in D.C. confronting her about her disgusting words about going after, confronting and crowding Trump members and supporters. [ Like what happened at the home of Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and his wife who were surrounded outside their home. Security escorted them to their vehicle and kept them safe thankfully.]

Waters scurried away from Loomer while confronted, swatted Loomer’s hand and slapped papers in her face seemingly from the video, all alleged until proven at this point, but Waters was certainly displeased. Loomer has filed a complaint against Waters with the Police. We will have to see if anything comes of that. But I am darn appreciative of Loomer for her dedication and her work. Maxine, if you don’t like the heat then stay out of the kitchen. And certainly don’t try telling others to confront us when you obviously can’t take it yourself.

Things are going to get crazier for a while, as the left continues to become more unhinged. But as Trump and fellow conservatives continue to win. The left and the Democratic Party will continue to show their ugly colors, intentions and agenda while they lose more and more voters [ #WalkAway ].

The left is the group that is currently suppressing our freedom of speech, attacking our second amendment and border security immigration laws. Setting new rules of misguided “morality” daily. Pushing false narratives and wishing the death of our President without consequence. It’s disgusting and frankly I don’t know what is worse. Are they naive to the truth because of Marxist indoctrination and or MSM? Or are they lying to simply push their agenda of a marxist, open border-land that I could no longer refer to as a country?

A bit of both I imagine. One thing is evident, the more the left continues to unhinge and act like a child who dropped their ice cream cone on a summer day, the more people are seeing them for who they are. Immature, control hungry, out-for-themselves, self entitled Marxists masquerading as liberals. More and more are leaving the Democratic party. So lefties, keep it up. We’re going to keep on winning for America.




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