“Got to keep em’ separated”

Border Patrol guards detainees who illegally crossed our southern border.

Lately, the discussions on families being separated that illegally crossed our Nation’s southern border have escalated into heated debates and exchanges. These families are separated because they are breaking federal law. However, the far left has been pushing the narrative that “Trump is caging innocent immigrant children and breaking up families as if they’re animals“.

Here is the problem with that insane logic by the left, these people are by definition criminals. Now the children are being used by the parents to attain asylum, and the kids should not suffer. But that also does not mean we should let them come here and stay either. Also, let us not forget this immigration law was signed over 20 years ago. As well, Obama had done the exact same thing with detaining children here illegally. Simply search any reliable source; detainees in cages from 2014. Funny how no one spoke a word about it then.

It would ultimately be punishment to the American tax payer. The kids here illegally from being brought here or coming here with their families are already costing us anywhere from $50-$300+ million dollars for detaining them. Illegals overall in the United States are costing around $130 billion annually to the American tax payer.

But this fake outrage by the left and the Democratic party is just that, and the facts are certainly not on their side. Here’s why, first some common sense logic. If an American citizen breaks the law, and they are incarcerated. Do they get to bring their children into jail or prison along with them? No, of course not. When people, or families [ some are human traffickers pretending to be families ] come into our country illegally, it is a crime.

Whether they are overall decent people in general is of no relevance to the issue. A crime is a crime. Also worth noting, unfortunately a large number of illegals that come into the United States are criminals outside of breaking immigration laws. From human trafficking, drugs, gang violence, rape, and last but not least murder.

So if the left wants to be outraged by families being separated, then to be consistent they must advocate for Americans that break the law to also stay with their families, makes sense does it not? What about the many innocent Americans like Kate Steinle for example that are killed senselessly by illegal aliens. They will never be reunited with their families. Where is the outrage for them!?

The left also advocate in favor of the atrocious organization that is Planned Parenthood. They cry about separated families, well killing unborn children is separating children from families too. Millions a year in fact. But mums the word on the left about that one too.

The hypocrisy is at its highest level right now as there is no consistency what so ever or any logic being made to this ridiculous argument about breaking up these illegal alien families. Not “immigrant” families, illegal aliens. Calling these invaders immigrants is an insult to the people who come here legally through the proper channels. And illegal alien is what they are called by definition and by United States code. So no, it is not dehumanizing them. No one denies their natural human rights.

Illegal Alien:

  • a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization.


  •   a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson

All I can try to nail home to the folks that insist this is all President Trump’s fault [ what isn’t his fault according to the left? ] The man could cure cancer and they would say he’s being hateful to cancer. It is that preposterous. He, ICE and the Border Patrol are enforcing our laws. We are a nation of laws after all. Though immigration seems to be the number one law that the regressive left seems to think we can ignore.

We either obey all of the laws or we do not. We do not have the luxury to cherry-pick which laws we abide. Though some crazies certainly act though they have the right. They are proven wrong time and time again. Whether a citizen or an illegal alien, committing a crime comes with consequences.

The left needs to wake up and stop playing identity politics, and this last-ditch effort with immigration is nothing more to use these kids to trash President Trump as usual. They can’t stand the fact he has made tremendous improvements to our country since taking office. He certainly needs to keep his core campaign promise and get the southern border wall completed. Also enforce E-verify for all employers, end chain migration and the VISA lottery program.

Here is a little secret for you on the left. We simply want Americans to be taken care of before people who are coming here to simply take advantage of our government benefits. People that are breaking our Country’s immigration laws in coming here illegally without due process. Knowing full well the risks of separation and deportation.

A crime is a crime is a crime people. Stop being naive, let us look after our own citizens. We have homeless families, veterans, including kids of our own that need assistance. So why are we fighting to keep wasting $130 billion a year on people coming here illegally? Let that sink in, facts over feelings. And for God’s sake, build the border wall.

UPDATE* 6/20/18

Per sources, President Trump to put forth executive order that will keep illegal alien families who cross the southern border together. So there will no longer be separation of the children and their parents illegally crossing the border when detained.

So the left will be satisfied with this as they have been yelling about child separation right? Wrong. Kamala Harris of California is already saying that “this executive order is not fixing the problem and it’s inhumane”.  Everyone on the far left is screaming now instead of child separation from these families of illegal aliens, that it’s inhumane to detain them at all.

Can’t say I’m surprised in the least. They will never be satisfied regardless of what President Trump does. They will not be satisfied until illegal aliens are free to cross our borders as they please  so the Democrats can take advantage of the free votes regardless of the negative effect it has on Americans.

No matter what Trump does, the left will create a talking point to protest it.

UPDATE* 6/21/18

To no surprise, Democrats have voted against the proposed legislation to stop separation of Illegal alien families. President Trump can still put this through by way of executive order, but he had spoke about it being passed through Congress as well.

Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell as well as President Trump wanted it passed through Congress to make a permanent fix on family separation, something the left has been screaming about this past week and some. But of course Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer rejected the legislation.


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