“It’s Father’s Day, Get over it”

Father’s Day is for Dads. No disrespect to single moms, but you have Mother’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there doing right by their children. Whether it is financially supporting, helping to raise your sons turning them into respectable young men, or raising your daughters to be respectable young women. Being there for a baseball game, or a dance recital, teaching your children respect and right from wrong. The value of earning what you get in life and the benefits of hard work, it is all important.

Of course politically and socially speaking, the left has used Father’s Day to push the false narratives of “immigrant” Father’s being wrongfully separated from their families. It is a shame for a family to ever be split up. But unfortunately, they are breaking our laws by coming into our country illegally and using their kids to attain asylum. Knowing full well the possibility when breaking our immigration and border laws.

What about American citizens that commit crimes? If they are parents, they end up in jail. Obviously they get separated from their families. But the left doesn’t speak of that. It is no different from the illegals entering our country against the law. If you commit a crime you pay the consequences.

They never speak however to the fact that Planned Parenthood abort so many babies that in and of itself is still separating kids from their families, or eliminating possible future Fathers. Not to mention the welfare state eliminating the need for fathers in the fact it is the government taking the father’s place. Why do you think single motherhood is over 70% for Black mothers and 30% for White mothers? We need to reinforce the importance of fatherhood.

There is also the trans-community where we have women that identify as men wanting a special day for them to be celebrated and vice-versa. Sorry, I wish them the best. But I refuse to celebrate mental illness. Not to mention, your still biologically a woman or if it is the other way around biologically still a man. And for feminists, who anymore quite literally only hate on men, using Father’s Day to crap on men. They really need to stop being so obviously desperate and just admit a man at some point in their life hurt them. That does not mean every man and or father is deserving of an attack, especially on Father’s Day.

We also have people speaking how “we need to also give credit to the single mothers doing double the work as parents”. Of course we do. I am sure many are extremely hard-working and dedicated to their children. But we have a thing called Mother’s Day. So feminists, and regressive leftists, with all due respect get over it. If there is a single father raising his kid(s) on his own, does he get celebrated on Mother’s Day? Of course not. Nor should they be that day is to celebrate mothers.

So to all of the fathers, step fathers, grandfathers out there that are doing right by their kids and their families, my hat is off to you. Don’t pay any mind to the politicized nonsensical talking points of the left. Fatherhood has been undervalued for a while now to our future generations detriment. It has been statistically proven that children with both a mother and father in their lives growing up have an advantage. Men and women are biologically different. We need to see the importance of having both a mother and father.

Both play very different yet very important roles. Mothers are typically more nurturing and play the role of caregiver. Fathers are typically the ones working more [ I know not always the case ], but they play an intricate role in kids being respectful, learning the importance of earning what you get and the value of hard work.

Fathers are usually the disciplinary parent in most cases. Something that has been lacking in recent years due to PC culture and the devaluing of fatherhood. We need to get back to recognizing the importance of fathers in a child’s life. Let’s stop letting big government convince us that it is alright to simply handout welfare checks and food stamps, ergo fathers aren’t needed.

Not true, as the statistics have shown us. Again, God bless Fathers and Mothers doing right by their children. But we need to get back to showing the mutual respect that fathers deserve as their role in a child’s life is just a crucial in their upbringing. With all of this said, Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there. Kids, show your fathers the appreciation and the respect that they deserve.


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