“Philly Mayor’s Dirty Dancing”

Mayor James Kenney (D) Philadelphia dancing in celebration of sanctuary status.

Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney literally caught dancing in celebratory fashion after the decision was made and ultimately finalized to keep Philadelphia, PA with sanctuary city status. Wednesday, June 6, Mayor Kenney a federal district court ruled that the federal government cannot eliminate grants to a “sanctuary city” when it refuses to hand over criminal illegal aliens in its custody to federal immigration officers. Like Philadelphia wasn’t already one of the most violent cities. And is now only getting worse by the day with shootings and other types of violence.

Mayor Kenney doesn’t care because like most Democrats, they’re living in their protected bubble with gated homes and armed security guards. It affects the actual Philadelphians living in your typical middle class and lower class neighborhoods. To boot, unfortunately many are Democrat voters and support this to their own peril. Even though a national poll showed that a large majority of Americans want to stop having illegals in the country, some won’t wake up to the fact that keeping the Democrats in power will only continue this sanctuary nonsense.

It is simple, votes and money. Nothing more, they do not care about these people, they certainly don’t care about the American citizens. Our safety, our communities, our wallets. Illegals nationally cost the American taxpayer at least $130 billion dollars a year. Violent crimes from assault, rape and murder soar in sanctuary cities. See 2017 statistics from Denver for comparison.

Remember in October of 2016? Ever Valles was arrested there for car theft among other charges. In December of 2016, Department of Homeland Security [DHS] requested that the Denver law enforcement hold Valles for deportation by DHS back to Mexico as he was here illegally. This Valles, a known gang member and having a long criminal history, did not convince Denver police enough to hold him for DHS.

They intentionally released Valles before DHS could retrieve him for deportation. Only seven weeks later in February of  2017, Valles and one of his “pals” from jail engaged Tim Cruz, demanded his money, and ultimately murdered 32-year-old Tim Cruz execution style. A senseless death that could and certainly should have been avoided had Denver law enforcement cooperated with DHS.

Philadelphia is if anything, more susceptible to this type of senseless violence. Making the top spot in the country many years over even before this began, I can only imagine how much worse it could get. But like Denver’s police and lawmakers, Mayor Kenney is obviously more concerned about grants and funding to the city, ergo himself as well. He has already been under suspicion for taking money. Even as poorly as Denver’s example shows the detriment of sanctuary cities, even they when Valles and his accomplice were sentenced they didn’t seem ready to break out in dance like Philly Mayor Jim Kenney did.

US District Judge Michael Baylson ruled last Wednesday that the Justice Department can not legally withhold the approximate $1.5 million in federal grant funding that was supposed to have been awarded to the city of Philadelphia in 2017. So, the city decided to sue US Attorney General Jeff Sessions last summer. Sessions, rightfully so threatened to block the funding which triggered the lawsuit. He rightfully claimed that Philadelphia did not comply with the imposed requirements for the federal program.

Baylson of course ultimately ruled that the city of Philadelphia is in fact entitles to the funding. Why? Because the requirements imposed by AG Jeff Sessions would require the city to work with the federal government and law enforcement [Immigration and Customs]. Seems fair to me. Which would of course assist in identifying and assisting in the ultimate removal of any illegal aliens especially ones with criminal history.

The judge rules this was unconstitutional, violates statutory law and was “arbitrary and capricious”. I find it ironic the judge ruled that the funds being withheld would bring “insufferable harm” to the city. Because similar to Denver, it is believed Philadelphia has also not honored ICE detainers on illegals and dangerous ones at that. Justice Department spokesman Devin O’Malley rightfully stated this was a victory for the criminal illegal aliens in the city of Philadelphia, as criminal aliens know they are protected from the federal government for their illegal status.

Criminals already with simply being here illegally in the United States and most commit crimes on top of that. This protects them from immigration officers whose duty it is to handle deportation . I wonder how a judge can rule that anything regarding the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws is “unconstitutional”. He does realize illegals do not have constitutional rights correct?

Kenney speaks to how the win shows AG Sessions they won’t be “victims” of a political shakedown. Interesting interpretation, as the federal dollars are benefiting only those who came to this country against federal law. Costing billions to American tax payers. So Kenney calls it a political shakedown, I call it Philadelphia being one of many pathetic cities with sanctuary status aiding and abetting criminals in this country to our citizen’s detriment.

We need President Trump and Congress to pass a required E-Verify for all employers, end chain migraiton, Voter ID other than a driver’ license because Democrats are issuing them to illegals for the free votes. Something that proves citizenship in the United States. Last but not least, most importantly we need to build the southern border wall and rid all sanctuary cities in this country. It only increases poverty, violence and crime, and is an absolute disgrace showing without a doubt how little the Democratic Party cares about citizens. They only care about power and control.

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