“Miss America destroyed thanks to Left’s PC culture”

Miss America, how the Left & feminists destroys all it touches.

So to no surprise, the organizers [chairwoman Gretchen Carlson] of the Miss America pageant have now made the new rules that no longer will there be a swimsuit competition nor a nightgown competition. Thanks to radical feminism and “inclusivity”, A long time female run pageant has ruined what was obviously a contest based on the most beautiful women in the country. Now, I repeat, female-run beauty pageant for decades. So I don’t even want to hear the word “patriarchy”. Save it.

Who the hell is going to watch this now? What about all of the women who busted their hump to be in their best shape for these contests? No different from the Hanover, NJ cheerleading inclusivity ruling. No more competition.

Same with the Miss America pageant now, thanks to modern-day feminists and PC culture. It now has eliminated swimsuits and long gowns from the so-called competition. As well as announcing that any and all women of “all shapes and sizes” may enter the pageant. Carlson stated, “We will no longer be judging on outward physical appearance, and that’s huge.” No pun intended I suppose. The Left destroys everything it lays its hands on. Universities, the arts, schools, religion, sports. Lately the Boy Scouts now accepting girls.

Gretchen Carlson added, “Who doesn’t want to be empowered, learn leadership skills and pay for college and be able to show the world who you are as a person from the inside of your soul.” “The Miss America Organization will instead ask them to express their personal style in clothes they feel comfortable in”. So does that now include a “moo-moo” for an overweight woman who wants to enter what once was a pageant or contest on a woman’s beauty? Why is it the left has completely attacked people who take pride in looking good and being healthy? Three words; Feminism, and fat acceptance.

They make it out as if it has been men running this pageant all these years, and somehow this is a feminist victory. Too bad it has always been run and lead by women. Why I said don’t even try to blame the so-called “patriarchy”. The very first Miss America pageant was held in Atlantic City, NJ in September of 1921. They would originally give $100 cash prizes and give furs along with movie contracts to the contestants.

Starting in 1944, they added the college scholarships as the prize instead of furs and movies to the contestants and winners. As well as a few years prior in 1938 adding the “talent section” that would equal twenty-five percent of the contestants total score. In 1950, women of color were allowed to enter the pageant, these so far are all great amendments made to the pageant. Though it wasn’t until 1970 that the first African-American woman [Cheryl Browne] entered the contest. The first to win was Vanessa Williams in 1984. Now this again is great progression. So what happened in the last 30 years that brought us to this new ridiculous change?

Mostly, this new nonsense about inclusivity, and modern-day feminism. In their eyes, feminist logic; a swimsuit competition is now sexist. Though walking down the street practically naked for a so-called “slut walk” is empowering? I suppose do whatever you feel empowers you, unless it makes “you” look prettier or sexier than the rest of us [women].

Don’t get it twisted, this is a statement being made, and it is not for the betterment of the Miss America pageant or women. They will get sponsors, ones that align with the #MeToo movement. Which has obviously had a part in this change. Let’s take it all the way than everybody, if they truly want to eliminate the part of women’s looks from the pageant, stop airing it on television. Let’s just air it on the radio. Problem solved.

Feminists claiming it’s dehumanizing for women to be judged on appearance. OK, so the feminist charge is ubiquitous but never explained. Why is it dehumanizing to women? One irony of this is how feminists have debated for years, decades even that women should be allowed to walk around topless, just as men can. Seems a bit hypocritical no?

Another irony is how when others would argue how Muslim women wearing a hijab or burka is dehumanizing, the Left charges them with intolerance and or being Islamophobic. Lastly, is the fact that women are just as interested in seeing beautiful women in swimsuits as men are. But hey what do I know, I am a man so my opinion doesn’t matter to these ladies. I would just be a typical man rambling on with my “mansplaining”.

Last point, is when America was far more conservative, more religious, and certainly more concerned with typical modesty in their way of dress and lifestyle. When it was insisted that male and female students reside in separate dorms at school, it celebrated the Miss America pageant with its swimsuit contest. That was certainly a reflection of a healthier America. In more ways than one.

So thanks to the radical modern-day feminists. Thanks to the politically correct “acceptance” culture. What is wrong with appreciating a woman’s beauty? Nothing. Does it equally translate to women being objectified and dehumanized? No it does not. As I said, this is what the modern-day left does best, destroy everything it touches. And frankly anymore, that is all it does.






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