“CO Baker says No, wins decision in Supreme Court”

Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece bakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado.

Lakewood, Colorado bakery gains favorable landslide vote after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that he retains the right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because of his religious beliefs. This has been going back and forth since 2012 since the refusal of service. The ruling that this did not in fact violate Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws. The United States Supreme Court [SCOTUS] ruled 7-2 in favor of the small business owner.

Funny how the left called it a “narrow decision”. But they live in fantasy land so I can not say I am surprised. Now I am fully in support of business owners being able to refuse business to anyone they so choose. That is their choice, and if they lose the money from refusing said business, so be it. I am not however advocating for discriminating on the base of someone’s color. So don’t get all huffy and puffy.

But when it comes to religion there has been freedom of religion in this country since its founding. Religious freedom is more precious than a cake. Why should someone’s want for a special cake being made trump the owner of a business’s right to their religious beliefs and freedoms?

Former “Spiderman” of the awful reboot, Andrew Garfield can talk all he wants about “let’s just bake a cake for everyone who wants a cake to be baked”. Maybe he was baked during his speech at the Tony Awards. Will he bake me a cake saying, “Hollywood is a sh**hole?” Doubt it. And that is his right. Amazes me how these celebrities in Hollyweird feel they can dictate to everyone else in this country what our moral values should be while they live in their gated homes with private armed guards and so care free with all of their millions. They don’t live in reality and they certainly do not understand what it is for a small business owner and how hard it is to run your own business.

People on the left stating preposterous notions, “what is next, business owners telling Blacks they won’t serve them?” Only showing their lack of knowledge on the subject. And as per usual opening their mouths without understanding the facts of the matter and more importantly the law. There is already an anti-discrimination law. So if anyone unjustifiably turned away someone based on color they would be in trouble.

Also, important to note that not wanting to infringe on your religious beliefs of same-sex marriage does not mean that there is hatred within that decision. I am religious, and I do not agree with same-sex marriage. But I also have no issues for what people choose to do with their lives or their preferences. I have former colleagues and acquaintances that are gay. And they’re hard-working, kind individuals.

There are plenty of businesses that are willing to happily accept the money and the business to make a cake for a same-sex couple. So I reiterate, if a person works hard and creates a business. They reserve the right to not have their own religious beliefs infringed upon because of fearing backlash from the media or the government, and to refuse a service. Everyone “up in arms” about this decision by the Supreme Court must understand that the business owner is the one losing that potential business. But again, that is their right.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission in 2014 ruled this was a discriminatory act. Phillips’ refusal to create a custom wedding cake for fiancés Charlie Craig and David Mullins. The decision came with mandatory penalties. Phillips did not get a fair shake before the commission, which he described as “neither tolerant nor respectful of his religious beliefs.” They referred to his religious beliefs as “despicable”.

Put simply, The Colorado Civil Rights Commission made decisions that did align with the religious neutrality that the Constitution requires. When the couple was denied by Phillips, they filed discrimination charges with the CO. Civil Rights Commission, which agreed with Craig and Mullins. The Colorado Court of Appeals did as well. But, Phillips pressed his case until the Supreme Court agreed about a year ago to take the case. Phillips once winning the decision for his religious freedoms and rights said this reported in the Denver Post;

I’m profoundly thankful that the court saw the injustice that the government inflicted on me,” he said in a statement. “This is a great day for our family, our shop, and for people of all faiths who should not fear government hostility or unjust punishment.”

I must say in my humble opinion it is of no surprise the two who dissented against the majority decision were Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor. Along with advocates of the corrupt arm of the Democratic Party the [American Civil Liberties Union] ACLU, stated;

The baker may have won the battle but it lost the war,” said James Esseks, the director of the ACLU’s LGBT & AIDS Project. “The bakery got a get-out-of-jail-free card because of what the court thought of as misbehavior by the Civil Rights Commission, but that doesn’t mean they get to discriminate in the future. Not at all.”

Right, keep on thinking that. I can respect that same-sex couples have some concern that in living in more rural areas, they may face more of these situations. But again, there will always be a business that is going to want the business and profit over being too strong in their religious beliefs. The other business owners have the right to refuse service, it is their business. They could very well lose a lot of potential profit from sticking to their religious roots. Which is their God-given right. As long as it is not hate-based, or breaking anti-discrimination laws, we need to see this as a victory for individual freedoms and religious freedom.



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