“United Commiedom? Tommy Robinson jailed”

Tommy Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in jail in the UK as well as the judge ordering media silence.

Tommy Robinson has been a free speech advocate and independent journalist speaking out against the problems Islam has caused in the west, especially the United Kingdom where he resides. He was reporting on Islamic gang rapes and pedophiles and was shortly after arrested for “incitement and breach of the peace”. Within hours he was ultimately sentenced to 13 months in jail along with a gag order by the judge ordering media silence. What has happened to this once westernized country?

Several UK officers rolled up in a van in front of the Leeds courthouse to arrest Robinson, though there were others present reporting on the same thing. The judge, Geoffrey Marson QC not only sentenced him to 13 months but ordered an Orwellian media blackout. Thankfully, after petitioning and legal prodding, it has been lifted. However, he is still in jail. The government knowing full well it could be a death sentence in and of itself. They had stated, “he should have thought of that”. All I can say is what in the bloody hell?

God forbid something does happen to Tommy. The UK will literally be accomplices to whatever happens as this is nothing more than Gestapo style tactics to silence him. They would rather not come off as “islamophobic” and protect Islamic gangs that are sodomizing children instead of recognizing the real problem; Mass migration of Muslims into the United Kingdom. I now call, the United Commiedom.

I am glad to report I had assisted in adding two thousand or more signatures to the petition and it is now over 500 thousand. We must stick up for the right of free speech, even if it is over the Atlantic in the UK. The United States regressive left already does their darndest to silence our free speech, so we must speak up and act now before it gets that bad here. “Roseanne” has just been cancelled over a damn tweet. But ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel on his late show literally gets away with every rotten thing that he says and does. Complete hypocrisy.

There were also reports of UK officers and counselors having sexual relations with child grooming gang victims in Rotherham. I wonder if that had anything to do with the hasty arrest of Tommy Robinson. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Must have been afraid of Robinson exposing them for what they are. UK has allowed mass migration of majority Muslims for nothing more than votes. Just like the Democrats here in the United States doing so for votes, because without the illegals, they don’t stand a chance. Make no mistake about it, the UK government is trying to kill Tommy Robinson.

Some argue about Tommy’s “suspended sentence” from a prior date. It was for 3 months. For the exact same situation of him speaking out against Islam, which is now a crime in the United Kingdom. They would rather protect murderers, terrorists, ISIS members and child raping animals instead of their own citizens and their rights to exercise free speech. Don’t misunderstand me, not all Muslims are bad people. That isn’t Tommy’s view either.

It is the ideology of Islam. It breeds much violence, and disdain for western civilization, Christianity and Judaism. Or as they would refer to us, “infidels”. That we must be slaughtered for not being “believers”. Just look at the Palestinians backed by HAMAS charging the Israeli border with bombs, and wanting to slaughter the Jews. You can open any page of the Quran and see violence in their scripture. To no surprise, their profit was a murderous warlord and a pedophile that married his 6-year-old niece and consummated with her at age 9. He also had multiple wives and beat them all. What a role model.

Tommy Robinson is a true patriot in every sense of the word. Risking his own life to get the truth out to the masses. We can only work as hard to do the very same. Things were said to him outside of the courthouse that day; “fu*k your mother, you are a son of a bitch”, and “your wife is a prostitute”. But hey that’s just peachy right? Hypocrites, they arrest him for so-called “hate speech”, but nothing is done over those comments.

One thing I have been saying, the UK has officially gone down the toilet. Thanks in large part to Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, along with other agenda pushing government officials including Prime Minister [PM] Theresa May. They have extreme gun laws, very few own firearms. Khan implemented a knife ban stating “there is no legitimate reason for anyone to carry a knife”. Really? What do chef’s use for their job? Handymen, construction workers. Simply preposterous legislation. Yet, their gun crimes, knife attacks, rapes and so forth have all skyrocketed. Let’s stop blaming the object and blame the people accountable. The UK government and mass migration.

I am hoping President Donald Trump can intervene somehow. Either speak to their government to get him released, or grant Tommy Robinson asylum in the United States. Everyone, please do what is right and go to Change.org to sign the growing petition to free Tommy Robinson. He certainly above all else does not belong in prison. It is nothing more than a politicized death sentence for utilizing free speech. Don’t be fooled.

UPDATE* 6/13/18

Tommy Robinson moved to a maximum security prison with a large majority of Muslims. Reports say they were all threatening his life and banging the cells as he was transferred in. This is undoubtedly an attempt to get him permanently silenced. Per reports, Britain’s new Home Secretary, an Islamic man Sajid Javid made the transfer happen to move Robinson.

To reiterate, Tommy Robinson did nothing but report the news on child rape gangs in the UK. For this, he was arrested for “breach of the peace” and within hours if not minutes, in court and immediately sentenced to 13 months in prison. This transfer however could indeed be a death sentence. We can show our support to help Tommy by going to Savetommy.com , TommyRobinson.online or Change.org . He will certainly need all the help we can give him.






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