“Leftist hypocrisy; Supports HAMAS, MS-13. But attack NRA?”

HAMAS paying Palestinians to charge Gaza border. They are calling for the slaughter of the Jews since the embassy was moved to Jerusalem.

Since President Trump moving our US Embassy back to its rightful place in Jerusalem, Israel – There have been massive attacks by Palestinian radicals and also HAMAS [terrorist group in Palestine] who worth mentioning is also paying Palestinians to charge the border, in hopes of being shot by IDF soldiers to give the appearance of making the Israelis the “bad guy” to idiots in mainstream media. And they are all eating the lies up.

From idiots in leftist MSM to idiots like Chelsea Handler commenting on the situation about the poor children being killed by the IDF. Well, here is some context. The Palestinians are terrorists, not protestors. They have been using their own kids as suicide bombers strapping explosives to their own kids chests since even before the Embassy moved. The Palestinians are even being paid by the terrorist organization HAMAS to intentionally charge the border and attack with molotov cocktails, IED’s, grenades and random items doused in gasoline and lit on fire to throw at Israeli soldiers.

So sorry if I don’t get all upset when I hear about these terrorists getting shot by the IDF protecting their border. No one likes to hear about dead kids, but it is not like it’s been portrayed, the Israelis aren’t thinking, “Hey a kid, boom!” Blame the parents and HAMAS for putting their own children in harm’s way with full intent. Chelsea Handler I am convinced doesn’t research a thing before opening her big mouth.

She had stated about the Palestinians being killed, not leaving proper information and or context [shocker]. She also referred to the West Bank as the “Left Bank”. Well Chelsea, you idiot, the Left Bank is in Paris. Wrong city, and wrong country, get a map you schmuck. This is no different from the other idiots on the left that are speaking out in support of MS-13 gang members, as well as Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

President Trump called them animals, I thought that was disrespectful to animals frankly. MS-13 only traffic women, drugs, rape and murder innocence for fun. MSM of course including the New York Times said out of proper context stating; “Trump calls immigrants animals”. No, immigrants come here the legal way. These are vicious individuals [majority illegals] who occupy over 20+ states in our country. Just a few days ago, a member of MS-13 [Joel Martinez] aka “Animal”, go figure was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of a 15-year-old by way of stabbing in Massachusetts. But Trump is the bad guy?

So going back to Palestinians and the Israeli’s fighting at the Gaza border in the West Bank. Under Obama, they were pushing for a “two-state solution”. Sorry, but that isn’t the best idea John Kerry [whom also secretly was breaching the Logan Act]. The Palestinians that are occupying Israel on the West Bank and also attack Jews for wanting to go to THEIR place of worship at Temple Mount. It would be like putting a White man in a prison full of Blacks, or the other way around. It just isn’t going to end well.

Thankfully, President Trump did away with the two state solution  idea. Putting it simply, Israel has been occupied and attacked for far too long by the Palestinians backed by HAMAS. He is the first President to make and keep his promise to rightfully put the US Embassy back in Jerusalem [Israel’s capital] where it belongs. Nikki Haley has also been strong at the UN showing how ridiculous it is for other nations to support the Palestinians.

Think of it this way. If the Palestinians threw their weapons into the sea tomorrow, there would be peace. If the Israelis did the same thing, there would be a mass genocide of the Jews in Israel. No coincidence, a HAMAS backed Palestinian that put a firebomb on a kite to burn the Jews, was bragging about putting a Nazi symbol on said firebomb kite, an obvious statement of hatred for the Jews in Israel.

Yet the people on the left and MSM continue to speak out in support of these awful people. Democrats have had a history especially under Obama supporting terrorist groups like HAMAS and Hezbollah. Funds under the table to Iran. Obama in his final hours of his Presidency gave $221 million in federal aid to Palestinian authorities. Thankfully President Trump learned of this and put a freeze on it.

Fake video and photos from Palestinians allowing leftist MSM to push false narratives and propaganda about the poor Palestinians. HAMAS paying them to charge the border so if they’re killed, MSM can put it on national television and make Israel and President Trump out to be the “bad guy”. Funny, one video I saw showed Palestinians under sheets as if they had been killed. A moment later, magically one of the “deceased” was moving under the sheet appearing to scratch his/her nose. Hmmm…must of have been a bad itch to scratch while you’re dead. Showing the propaganda and false news being pushed.

An unfortunate shooting occurred in Santa Fe recently. A kid used a shotgun and gunned down eight poor souls. He obtained the gun from his father. Yes, it should have been stored more safely. But it was not an illegal purchase, and also debunks the left’s myth about Armalite-15 rifles. So you have the left supporting terrorists in Palestine, and supporting a vicious gang & drug cartel in Mara Salvatrucha [MS-13]. But they attack the NRA as if they are to blame for shootings.

It is hypocrisy at its finest. The NRA has never been responsible for a mass shooting. They are certainly not a terrorist organization. Idiots need to stop attacking the NRA and people like Dana Loesch wishing death on her children and making lud comments as if it is going to improve the poor policies initiated by Obama and Biden. The NRA for decades upon decades has done nothing but support law-abiding Americans and their 2nd Amendment rights. I’d argue Planned Parenthood is, politically motivated and they murder millions of babies a year.

Yes, again it is a shame when people die [about 85% of the Palestinians killed were terrorists, the rest paid by HAMAS to charge the border]. But the proper context is that they are not protestors they are terrorists that want all Jews to be wiped out. Explosions and violent attacks at the start of Ramadan, interesting holiday. Israel has every right to defend their country and their border. We in the United States could and should take a lesson from Israel in defending our nation’s border.




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