“NJ school district-Inclusivity further damaging our future generations”


East Hanover, New Jersey – Not far from where I reside. In the good ol’ name of “inclusivity”, the school board of Hanover Park High School has taken an incredibly ridiculous action to the detriment of our future generations. Senses of entitlement and rewarding playing the victim yet again. Because of a single cheerleader not making the “squad” as it were, and her unhinged mother deciding that this was simply unacceptable and barking at the school like a junkyard dog with rabies.

This new “inclusivity” mandate by the school board will now allow every student that “applies” to be on the cheerleading team to be accepted, regardless of ability or talent. The cheerleaders were not happy about this new policy, can’t say I blame them. Also there was a lot of negative feedback on this new policy all over social media and well deserved at that. I don’t particularly care about cheerleading, but the point is broader. Though anecdotal, this example of how many of these young ladies work very hard and now for purposes of “inclusivity”, any untalented undeserving schlub can simply show up and they’ll make it. Notice I said “applies” and not trying out.

If everyone will make the team, it is not really a try out. This wave of coddling our future generations with safe spaces, inclusivity, participation trophies will only detriment the kids further when they enter the real world. Even many of the cheerleaders that have worked hard in regards to training as it were, exercising to be in their best shape and so forth were in tears when they spoke out how this is not fair to them and also in regards to all of their now wasted hard work. One young lady [Stephanie Krueger] in particular stated during a meeting with the school board;

I tried my hardest, and now everything’s going away, all because of one child who did not make the team, and a parent complained, so now all my hard work has been thrown out the window

She is absolutely right. What is it worth at this point if any schmuck can just sign up and be automatically accepted. Not even just with this preposterous cheerleading narrative in New Jersey, but overall with the equality of outcome nonsense. What is going to happen to these kids when they enter the real world and they don’t get a job they apply for? Freak out and demand they be allowed to work there? Good luck with that.

It’s no surprise these kids that are coddled and don’t know how to earn what they want in their lives. They’re growing up extremely soft, too emotional, and haven’t the first clue of how to have any type of proper conversation or relationship. Parents like that junkyard dog of a mom are playing a huge role in this insanity. It all starts at home with the parenting, stop being the kids’ friend. Be a parent and teach them they may just have to work at something to attain it.

Because it is not going to work out like that once they are grown and in the real world. “Ummm, you can’t pass me up for this job, that isn’t fair. Ma!” Sorry, it doesn’t happen that way. This is more of the examples of leftist indoctrination reflective of people’s self entitlement, PC culture, intersectionality, equality of outcome, and “diversity” or “inclusivity”. But the left never cares about the more important diversity, diversity of thought.

The left pushes fat acceptance, gender fluidity, girls in the boy scouts. The future generations are completely screwed if we let this continue on the way it is. Modern-day feminism has also played a huge role in this madness. There is your twisted logic when intersectionality comes into play. Did this girl not make the team because she was overweight, out of shape, unskilled? Regardless, she was not good enough apparently. Therefore, she did not earn it.

These kids overall need to get back to knowing the value of earning something. Equality of opportunity for all. Bust your hump, work hard and you can do what you want if you have what it takes. When I was a kid, the first time I tried out for the basketball team I didn’t make it.

I had a pretty good try out too. I actually worked hard to make the team. None of the younger kids made the team. You didn’t see me crying about it. My “mommy” wasn’t in there yelling, “that’s not fair! You have to let everyone on the team!” What are they going to buy extra benches? Everyone gets 32 seconds of playing time? Come on now everybody, it’s time to wake up.


2 thoughts on ““NJ school district-Inclusivity further damaging our future generations”

    1. Exactly, just like the job interview example I gave, “What do you mean I failed? It’s because I’m a woman (insert your example) isn’t it!” No, Ma’am, you ran over a stop sign. ” It came outta nowhere! I’m calling my mom and getting you fired!”

      It’s ridiculous!


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