“Boy Scouts goes gender fluid – Why this is bad for our kids, gender roles”

Allowing girls in the Boy Scouts is a disservice to boys, as well as girls.

As by now I am sure most have heard how the Boy Scouts are now accepting girls from ages 10-17. They are now calling it “Scouts BSA”. Ironic, because that still stands for Boy Scouts of America. This gender push by the left and psychotic feminists is simply out of control, has been for a while. There are many reasons why this is a disservice to both boys and girls. Two words [that I’ll likely repeat,] gender roles.

Truth, men are simply better at certain things than women. Women are better at certain things than men. It is referred to as biology. Already almost a half a million boys have left the scouts since this change. So seemingly, it could soon be a majority of females in the boy scouts. But, you know the feminists always say, “women are better than men!”

My biggest question-Why didn’t the girl scouts simply respond to some of the girls that wanted to do certain things other than sell cookies? Sounds simple enough an idea to have a slight reform to the girl scouts instead of forcing this gender norm insanity on the Boy Scouts of America. The attempts to change gender construct is so damaging to our children. Take the gals camping, teach them to make things with their hands if they want.

But no, we have to yet again bypass basic biology, and force something that has been tradition for years and years. It is certainly not going to benefit the boys, or the girls. Don’t be surprised if more girls and boys become sexually confused when they get older. More beta-males entering society, more women “feminists” that believe they are men. Maybe even an increase in trans-genders. Remember, it is a mental illness. That is why Doctors refer to it as gender dysphoria. That is why less than 3% of the population commits suicide all the while the trans community is upwards over 40%. Numbers do not lie.

Even in the best case of sexuality staying as is, there are other problems that could arise. Remember, the scouts start young but if you go to Eagle Scout you would be in your later teens, and that of course is when hormones are through the roof. Like a scene out of “Role Models”, waking up to inappropriate sexual relations with both sexes being present on a camping trip and so forth. I prefer this as bad as it sounds, because it would at least imply no gender dysphoria. However, since the leak of Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo “movement” it spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Likely still minors, girl has sex with a boy, consensual or not we have seen boys get raked through the coals just for being accused. Even after being proven innocent of any wrong doing i.e.- “Mattress girl”. If you think I am reaching, just remember how your mind worked in high school.

Some feminists are making the same argument that this is a disservice to girls, but in a way I do not necessarily agree with. For the exception of having groups that are gender specific. But stating how being in an all girls school, girl scouts and being surrounded only by women was “empowering”, I disagree.

The real world is essentially half men and women. Best to be ready for it. But not by making the scouts less “gender specific.” I do agree however that having clubs specific for women and ones specific for men is and always was a good thing. You don’t learn to become a man surrounded by women, nor learn to become a woman surrounded by men. [sorry if I am confusing the hell out of you, stay with me.]

I feel it is mostly a disservice to girls because it teaches a lack of differences between the two genders. There are specific differences mentally and physically. Men on average are 50% stronger in the upper body. Girls obviously are naturally more inclined to be caregivers. When they’re grown, who is more likely to be a home maker? Who is more likely to be the one working 50 hours a week to support the family? Not to mention, more likely to work around the house, fix things, etc. You get the idea.

There lies the issue, pushing this gender fluidity nonsense is only going to further push this as a “norm”. Leaving a bunch of confused generations to come. Ever hear the term, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? There was nothing broken about the boy scouts. There was nothing broken about the girl scouts. But forcing a merger is trying to fix something that does not require it. Are they going to have the boys doing cookie sales? Learning to bake?

Have the girls out in the wilderness and trying to start a fire and then throwing a fit when they can’t get it to light in 5 minutes? No offense ladies, I know some women love to do those things, but most aren’t too great at it. Watch any survival show and see how the women lose their sh*t on the first day. There is simply nothing good to come from this change.

What is wrong with being special? What is wrong with the biological fact that males and females are different? Women have qualities that are gender specific. Men have qualities that are gender specific. Gender roles are important, it is no wonder why fewer people are getting married. Get the girls the hell out of the Boy Scouts, and ruining a 107 year old tradition that helped boys learn to grow into capable, respectful and responsible men.

Feminists, stop destroying our future generations of young men. Be proud of who you are as women, you can create life like a damn superhero [relax about it]. There is a reason one was called the Boy Scouts and the other the Girl Scouts. I nominate Jordan Peterson to take over as President of the Boy Scouts of America. That’d be a healthy dish of gender reality for all of you ladies and gentlemen. Nowadays, a much-needed dose of reality.





2 thoughts on ““Boy Scouts goes gender fluid – Why this is bad for our kids, gender roles”

  1. The funny thing is the girls scouts hate this as it has the potential to really hurt them. We blame feminist and crazy leftist for a good deal of nonsense in this society,but the real problems is the stupid people who listen to al; the dumb nonsense they say and give in to it. Back when I was a child if an idiot threw a tantrum you ignored them now we listen to them.

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