“Why “Roseanne”, the legend & the show are a hit-Ending of PC?”

Roseanne has had massive success with “Roseanne” reboot, 27 million viewers. But some are hating because she supports President Trump.

So Roseanne, one of America’s past and reborn treasures. We watched the program through the 80’s and 90’s, the lovable family that had its ups and downs no different from any other middle class American family. Well, Roseanne herself and the reboot of “Roseanne” is back on ABC and has been a huge success.

The show is getting over 27 million viewers, with great feedback. Of course, with her supporting President Trump [though she didn’t vote for him which is perfectly ok] a bunch of regressive leftists have been hating on her. Her response to Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon regarding that? “I don’t give a f*ck“.

Which is a good example of why her fans including myself love her. And here is to why I believe Americans, especially in the middle class and or with families love this show even in 2018’s reboot with the whole original cast returning. Everything has turned so “PC” [Politically correct] in this country and it has become nothing short of a cancer. Roseanne is socially liberal, but not extreme like the far left.

She is a free-thinker, she says what she truly believes and feels on any given topic. Best of all she won’t pander to anyone’s demands or “suggestions” as to who she is and what she “should be”. She has made great comments to idiots like Jimmy Kimmel, “No matter who our President is, as Americans we should all want the POTUS to succeed”. Of course that is the most obvious response. It benefits all Americans when our President succeeds.

But that goes to show you how far the left has gone when they can’t even be happy for our current POTUS being successful; Lowest unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics. But, “No, he’s racist!”. Why would a racist assist the Black community? Riddle me that lefty bat.

The reboot of “Roseanne” has reached such a high success and is resonating with so many in a positive way because it is depicting a true middle class family, flaws and all. Tough times and good times, the family is there for one another. I love how they mock “PC parenting”. Of course implying that years back parents would discipline their child properly [not talking about beating your child] but a strong discipline to have their respect.

Nowadays, kids curse off their parents and threaten to call child services. The parents don’t want to be parents. They would rather be their child’s friend. In that lies the problem with our current and future generations. It always starts with parenting at home. The schools don’t help either.

Roseanne in a particular episode was talking to her daughter after her daughter was “disciplining” her kid. Roseanne had commented how the child isn’t learning anything except they can essentially do as they please regarding the teen daughter of Darlene. The typical disrespect from a teenager was bugging Roseanne.

Finally getting sick and tired of the attitude and lack of respect from her grand-daughter and how her daughter wasn’t punishing her daughter for her disrespect and actions. She made a funny comment as well about how the kids getting “off easy” with every action taken without punishment by the mother, commenting to Darlene how the teen daughter is thinking how her own mother is a loser and doesn’t respect her. It was much funnier when you watch it of course.

But the point was made as well how the teenager bullied her mother [Darlene] into going out with strangers instead of having dinner with the family. Roseanne and Dan lay into Darlene for being such a pushover. Now that is a lesson and needed reality check in parenting.

Many middle class Americans can relate to this. We are tired of the political correctness cancer that has grown over recent years. We are tired of being afraid to discipline our own kids when it is best for them when they get older. Learning things like manners, respect, civics, family values. Unfortunately, a lot of that has disappeared in modern-day families. The rapid increase in single motherhood [White mothers 30%, Black single mothers over 70%] surely doesn’t help. Fatherhood is essential to a child’s upbringing.

Thank the Democrats for creating the welfare state, as it has literally taken the place of the father in many respects. “No father is necessary, we’ll give you food stamps and welfare”! Fatherhood is important because men and women are different. It is called biology. One is more of a comfort, one is more of an authority or disciplinary figure.

But all the same “Roseanne” is a hit, she has shown on her own she will not be bullied by the leftist establishment and elites. Along with the cultural shift that has been going on as I’ve mentioned in a previous article with Kanye West and the great work by Miss Candace Owens, it is certainly become a movement to hopefully get the American family back to its traditional ways. Before the cancer started that is political correctness.

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