“Pro Life vs. Pro Choice-Which is the Real “Pro Choice”



People hear the terms Pro-Life, and Pro-Choice. It sounds like you have a little something called options when you hear pro-choice. The truth couldn’t be more the opposite. Planned Parenthood of course is a huge advocate of the “Pro-Choice Movement”. As I like to call it the “let’s abort as many babies as possible” movement. They kill thousands of babies every day, millions a year.

Planned Parenthood gets government funding of $500 million dollars of our taxpayer money each year if not more [all the while returning much of that to Democrats & Democratic candidates]. They have been ousted for selling aborted baby’s body parts illegally. They advertise and prey on young women, and one of the worst is they promote late-term abortions. Let us not forget, many mothers give birth prematurely, debunking the viability argument. Ergo, this is nothing short of murder.

Planned Parenthood [PP] is also currently under investigation, and they are soon to be required to allow check-ins from time to time to ensure proper practice. Spokeswoman for PP and executive director of the ACLU-Jane Henegar of Indiana whom filed the suit on Planned Parenthood’s behalf are claiming the abortion clinics being inspected in “unconstitutional”. To me, what I hear is, “sh*t, we can’t let them see what we’re really doing”.

When you’ve [PP] received over $544 million dollars last year on the taxpayer’s dime, it is not only constitutional and the law to ensure proper practice is being conducted in accordance to State and or Federal law. Not to mention they promote abortions all the way through nine months, and recently Planned Parenthood was caught promoting pornographic “sex-ed” classes to people including children. What a disgrace.

Planned Parenthood claims to be a “healthcare provider”, however the majority of many of its non-abortion practices and services have been on a rapid decline. Which is why I refer to pro-choice and Planned Parenthood as nothing more than Abortion pushing baby killers. The abortion vendor had boosted its profits over $21 million, or an increase of 27% from the year prior.

They claim at PP that this is an attempt by politicians [whom they bribe] to stigmatize pregnant women and spread the “myth” that abortion is dangerous. Funny, because in 2013 in Philadelphia right next door to me, there was an abortionist by the name of Kermit Gosnell who was found guilty of murdering babies that had been born alive during abortion and in the unfortunate death of one of his patients. Wow, what a “myth”.

The abortion industry being Planned Parenthood willingly sacrifices women’s health and safety. Prioritizing the mere act of getting the abortion instead of what may be best for the individual’s health and safety. Mike Fichter CEO of the Indiana Right to Life stated, “bringing transparency is needed to the abortion industry”. I couldn’t agree more. Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms as they’ve lied about before, they don’t offer free healthcare services to women, nor ultrasounds.

Now the Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which are the “sworn enemy” of Planned Parenthood, are pro lifers. Now, they are constantly attacked by leftist media and Democrats. Funny, they provide free healthcare including mammograms, ultrasounds, counseling. They offer contraception, birth control and assistance with adoption. That sounds a lot more like choices if you ask me [or anyone with a functioning brain]. Free healthcare for the women, you would think the progressive left would love that.

They do speak to women about reconsidering getting abortions, but let us be honest. Is that really such an awful thing? At least you don’t show up and get pressured to murder your child. Crisis Pregnancy Centers counsel women, because a large percentage of women tend to change their minds about getting abortions when they have the chance to be more informed on the subject. Also women that get abortions, a good percentage tend to regret doing so. Not to mention if a woman still wants to get an abortion after the counseling and information provided Crisis centers will get you in the “right direction”.

The Crisis centers will still assist you in getting you where you need to go if you still choose to go forward with abortion. A lot more than I can say for the baby slaughtering Planned Parenthood. They are breaking laws, murdering babies in late terms as late as 9 months. Regardless, to me life begins at conception. Ones that argue this say, “it’s a bundle of cells”. Well genius guess what? Technically we’re all bundles of cells! Viability? So if a 50-60 year old was on life support, is it okay to dispose of them? Didn’t think so.

Whose to judge what potential lives get taken away? The ones that advocate for abortion don’t consider that if their own mother felt that way, they wouldn’t have been given a chance at life. We must stop subsidizing these baby killers. So you tell me, which one sounds like the actual Pro Choice? Defund Planned Parenthood ASAP!







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