“Cultural shift arrives – Kanye, Free thinkers”


So this past week has been wild on social media, Twitter in particular [ I don’t have a Facebook]. Mainstream media of course including liberal late night hosts like Stephen Colbert knocking Kanye West about his support for President Trump. Kanye also had praised conservative speaker Candace Owens for her courage and her victor mentality.

It is an awakening of the masses and a culture shock to the left still under the mental enslavement of the MSM and Democratic party. Even Chance the Rapper had stated, ” not all Blacks have to be Democrats” [though he back pedaled a bit]. It is amazing how people like John Legend have verbally come after him, though “politely” trying to tell him essentially how he should be or how to think. Kanye was having none of it.

Kanye West praising Donald Trump and Candace Owens, as well as calling out the failures of Obama’s Presidency.

Now, I am not saying to live by the Kanye and die by the Kanye. But his standing firm and being a free-thinker for he and himself only is what we need to see more of. Candace Owens, a young Black woman who has a massive following at such a young age has had a big role in this movement. She is always talking about how the Black community needs to stop dwelling on a past that they never lived through, stop playing the victim. To have a victor mentality instead.

She is one hundred percent correct, as well as stating how all of us, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etc. that are Americans live in the best country on the planet. The most free country on the planet. We’re all blessed. We all are given an equality of opportunity. Do three things and statistically, you will not stay poor. Graduate high school, get a job, and don’t have a baby out-of-wedlock. It’s that simple.

Funny how as I mentioned Stephen Colbert has the audacity to say how another should think, in this case a Black man in Kanye West. A White man with a team of White writers and his boss a White billionaire speaking about how Kanye should “stay in line” as it were. Calling him crazy, having a mental illness. Come on now Stephen, I thought the left was about diversity? Only proving yet again they are against the most important. Diversity of thought.

Kanye had stated just the other day, “You don’t have to agree with Trump but the mob can’t make me not love him,” West tweeted earlier Wednesday. “We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

Being from Chicago like former POTUS Obama, he mentioned how Obama never kept his word to better the situation in Chicago, did not improve a thing in eight years. Which is accurate, as we see how bad Chicago has been and has only gotten worse under Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel. But with President Trump, Black unemployment is at a historical low.

This is reflective of a massive culture shock and cultural shift. The Democrats only hope of regaining power [God forbid] is illegals getting ID’s and the Black vote. Around 90+% of the Black community vote Democrat, but more and more are awakening to the lies of the left.

The Democratic party was the party of slavery, and created the KKK. They voted against the abolishment of slavery, and to this day have been implementing things such as welfare and food stamps to seem generous but it makes people dependent on government. It is nothing short of modern-day slavery, called the welfare state.

They do not want the Black community to succeed, otherwise they would not need these government controlled and subsidized programs. If even 2-3% of Blacks stop voting Democrat, the party is finished. No wonder John Legend and people like Talib Kweli push the falsities and false narratives that they do trying to “reign” Kanye back into the liberal bubble.

It is simply because they know this is just the beginning. Legend was a shadow of Hillary throughout the 2016 election. HRC could not care less about the Black community. No different from Barack Obama. Unemployment was at its highest under Obama. Nothing done to improve the lives of middle and lower middle class Americans like President Donald Trump has accomplished in his first year and a half.

Even Kim Kardashian earned my respect by standing by her husband and his right to his individual freedoms to express and think as he pleases. Words I never thought I would say but here we are. Like I said, we are witnessing a cultural shift. I said before, as others have. Being conservative is the new “punk rock”, especially since a non career politician in Trump winning POTUS and doing a great job to this point has awakened so many to the truth.

Let us enjoy the ride, we will see what is to come. I can only hope with the great work and wisdom by speakers like Candace Owens and others getting the truth out to the masses that everyone wakes from their Democrat and MSM induced comas. Stop allowing others to dictate who you are and what you should believe.

There is nothing racist about supporting President Donald Trump simply because he is White and speaks the truth. He has proven time and time again he is no racist, he has done plenty with improving the lives of all Americans no matter your color. Jobs, tax cuts, historical lows with Black and Hispanic unemployment. Great foreign policy and denuclearizing North Korea and bringing peace to the North and South making us all safer. He puts all Americans first, something we’re all experiencing for the first time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your own informed opinion and being a free-thinker. Diversity of thought is so utterly important. Especially this day in age with a radical left and this nonsensical PC culture. Stop being scared to speak your mind and stand your ground!

Never be ashamed of who you are no matter what, never let anyone dictate who you should be. I must say, I am very excited to see this cultural shift continue for it is best for each and every American. I also can’t wait to see the Democrats reaction after the 2018 midterm elections.

2 thoughts on ““Cultural shift arrives – Kanye, Free thinkers”

  1. I am emailing this post to family members, neighbors and former friends who cut me off in 2008 and 2009 after finding out that I did not vote for Barack Obama and that I had some time earlier left the Democratic plantation.

    At the same time, I suspect that I should be thankful that I didn’t get my ass kicked (pardon the expression) but that is when I realized that the tectonic plates where shifting in Black communities across America. The greatest injustice is that no one reported the shift.

    Just 20 years earlier, it was physically dangerous for a Black American to state that he or she was not on the Democratic plantation (really – one of those secrets Black people insisted you keep between Blacks).

    Instead, people mocked me, stopped taking my calls and emails while family members whispered among themselves (and sometimes to my face) that I had lost my damned mind. (Mind you, these are the same people who call to ask to borrow money, some of whom I suspect reported me to Facebook because they disapproved of the content on my timeline.)

    Candace Owens, Kanye West, Diamond and Silk, Brandon Tatum, Doreen Borelli, Star Parker, Dr. Alveda King, etc. tells me that I am on the right side of history.

    What a feeling not to be mentally enslaved by the left.

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