“White genocide, White farmers attacked in South Africa”


For over two decades, though MSM has not been reporting on it. South African Whites are being tortured, slaughtered, sodomized, boiled, burned, beaten, stabbed, lands stolen and pillaged. Mostly White farmers, but including all South African Whites including women and children.


The African National Congress [ANC] is sanctioning this White genocide which is nothing less than insane. People like Gavin McInnes and Lauren Southern have been speaking out, and so am I! Let us stop with the turning of a blind eye to what is happening.  Americans against this atrocity have been seeking global attention with a claim filed to the International Criminal Courts. Worth noting, Australia has taken in many of these victims seeking refuge from slaughter.

Now before anyone who isn’t informed on this problem calling me a hypocrite regarding the White population in South Africa, know first that these folks were born there. Not like the massive amounts of migrants illegally entering Europe, the United Kingdom and even the United States. These White South Africans have been there for at least two or three generations [and they came legally].

They did not steal this land, they worked very hard for it. Despite the ANC and EFF claiming they are “taking it back”. Reverting to the days of Zimbabwe from 1980. These folks had nothing to do with that. Like how the left blames Whites in the US today for slavery. Absolutely ridiculous.

One of the worst things being an American, is knowing that the United States government is essentially subsidizing this atrocity giving the ANC $350 million dollars a year. I support President Trump, but we’re certainly allowed to disagree with our President, he was so passionate about the Syria situation. Mentioning in particular the women and children. I’ve been asking him directly to do something about the women and children being slaughtered in South Africa. Only makes sense, doesn’t it?

Of course Democrats and deep state politicians don’t seem to care about the problem there. Imagine the reaction if it was persons of color being tortured, sodomized, slaughtered and pillaged. The liberal MSM and the left would be making it a top national story. Even crediting gentlemen like Tucker Carlson for at least mentioning the land seizure in South Africa from the White farmers, even he won’t touch the gritty details of what is really happening there. It is graphic, but necessary to report!

The Economic Freedom Front [EFF], a relatively new political party in South Africa had launched a banner in October of 2013 with the statement “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.” The EFF also showed a banner displaying “Honeymoon over for whites in South Africa” which caused a flurry of attention. An EFF spokesperson denied any claim to these banners and dismissed this as propaganda.


Leaders as you can see above such as Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, and as of 2017 Cyril Ramaphosa and David Mabuza have been advocating for the “seizure of white lands in South Africa”. They claim they haven’t advocated for their killing, yet. But that is a blatant lie as you can see. They claim [ANC] that these killings are nothing more than “robberies gone bad”. Sorry, but I have to call bullshit, it’s a cover up by the ANC. Over 70,000 don’t get murdered over the last couple decades by accident. It’s only on the rise, a 6/8 on the world scale of genocide.

[WARNING: Graphic footage below]


women and children being tortured, raped, boiled, burned and stabbed.

Even though this woman seems to have received some medical attention, many hospitals are refusing to assist these victims. Including children, stating things like, “let the Boer die”. Police are turning a blind eye, as they answer to the ANC of course. These poor souls are lucky if they’re not killed. If not, they end up in “White squatter homes, or displacement homes”. Otherwise they would be on the streets. How long do you think they would last there? Not long at all.

This is not an alt-right conspiracy, as lefties globally would like you to think. Just look at what this individual had to say the second I had stated I was going to start a charity to get donations to assist the White farmers there in South Africa to provide aid. Of course I came to learn he is a person of color in South Africa [shocker]. He was obvious in his advocacy of this egregious nonsense. Blacks there that have committed these disgusting acts have killed families and left signs stating, “we killed them, we’re taking it back”. Whether directly involved or not. It is nothing short of shameful.


If it was Whites doing this to Blacks I would still speak out about it. But unfortunately in today’s world, unless it is a person of color being persecuted in any way [ just look at Starbucks ], no one seems to care about it. We need to start paying attention to this matter.

It is not about color, it is about right and wrong. This is absolutely atrocious on every level imaginable. The United States must cut funding to the ANC. The MSM must do their damn jobs and start reporting the awful acts being committed against these innocent folks.

God bless Lauren Southern for her bravery to go there herself and to make a documentary “FarmLands” that I have seen clips of. I was in tears seeing the effect it had on these innocent people. They didn’t do anything to deserve this. They are losing everything, some including their lives. We must do what is right. Stop the apartheid to the matter of South African White genocide.

Let’s all work together and do what is right so these people who are families, hard-working farmers who were born and raised there. So there are no more women being sodomized while their children are forced to watch. Kids being boiled to death with oil or in scalding baths. People being shot, stabbed, tortured with torches, beaten half to death. I know this is a tough thing to talk about. But we need to get the word out so we can all unite, and do everything within our power to put an end to these egregious acts.


*I am going to get a funding site prepared for donations, I implore you to do your own research to have an informed opinion. But I also urge you to think about these innocent people and let’s help them in any way we can.


7 thoughts on ““White genocide, White farmers attacked in South Africa”

  1. AMT

    The only “evidence” you provided was a screencap of a politician saying something crazy, and a tweet. In order to use the word genocide or “…the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation…” you need evidence that the state is systematically killing people.

    Do you have any of that?


    1. You must have missed the other multiple items I posted showing the 12 yr old being scalded and drowned in a hot bath to, the woman that was obviously tortured and beaten half to death.

      I can’t erase what I have read and seen from my brain from everything I have read and seen that has happened to tens of thousands of these innocent people. Your ignorance is blatant.

      70,000 killed. I suggest you do some research on the matter before you make an ignorant statement like that again. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last week before I did this article. Though I was already aware of what was happening, I wanted to make sure that I had the facts and all the details.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AMT

        A 12 year old dying is truly terrible, but it is not a genocide.

        You don’t provide any sources so I have no way of verifying any of your points.

        70,000 isn’t that high of a murder rate for several decades. Nearly 17,000 people were murdered in the US in 2016 alone (https://qz.com/1086403/fbi-crime-statistics-us-murders-were-up-in-2016-and-chicago-had-a-lot-to-do-with-it/).

        Without evidence that all these accidents or murders were linked to genocidal efforts, your claims sound like fear-mongering.

        If you want people to believe you, which I assume that you do because you are publishing your thoughts publicly on the Internet, then you need to answer these questions.


  2. I never said there isn’t a problem in Chicago. There is a big problem, mostly black on black crime. This year alone there have been anywhere from 500-1,800 incidents of torture or murder in South Africa.

    I provided you some sources to look at. Again, it amazes me you are arguing this as if it doesn’t matter. This is the last response you will receive from me. God bless.


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