“It’s OK to be White-Myth of White Privilege”


So according to MSM or good old Google, “White privilege” [or white skin privilege] is a term for societal privileges that benefit white people in Western countries beyond what is commonly experienced by non-whites under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. According to McIntosh and Lee, whites in a society considered culturally a part of the Western World enjoy advantages that non-whites do not experience. What a crock!

Forgive me if I forget to “check” mine as I speak my piece on this topic. White privilege has been a talking point of the left for quite some time now. Especially ramped up as it were since Donald Trump was elected our President. If white privilege is a thing, why is it that the country has government implemented ideals that assist minorities and punish whites?

Affirmative Action, it applies to both getting accepted to things such as University as well as applying for jobs. If you’re a White person, for University you will get passed on for a Black applicant or Hispanic applicant simply because you are White. Even if on every level that Caucasian individual has a better GPA and SAT score that their fellow applicants of color.

Government programs, such as welfare and food stamps. Low-income housing. All things that are benefitting minorities more than anyone else. Yes, there are impoverished White people who need low-income housing as well, which only reinforces the myth of white privilege.

You can do three simple things in this wonderful nation that provides equality of outcome no matter your color or creed. Don’t have a baby out-of-wedlock [single Black motherhood has risen from 20% to over 70%]. Graduate High School, and get a job. Do those things and you will not stay poor in this country.

Women have the exact same rights afforded to them as men. This is another leftist myth. If anything, women have more advantages. They are out doing men in attending University 2 to 1, and the pay gap is a complete myth. It is called life choices, what you take in school, having children and shaping lives. Men are more likely to ask for raises, they are more likely to take on more dangerous positions that pay more.

More likely to stay and work more hours than the female counterpart. But any woman who is working the exact same position and hours, with the same efficiency and production gets paid exactly the same. Otherwise, wouldn’t businesses hire all woman and save 20%? Unfortunately, again in the name of “diversity”, more and more women are getting jobs simply because they are women. What happened to being, I don’t know, qualified?

Now let us talk about the prison systems as Blacks allege that prisons are over run with Blacks because of systematic racism. No, the statistics show with only 13% of the country being Black, they make up 50% of the crimes. No one gets away with a crime simply for being White. Whites just do not commit the same proportionate amount of crime as Blacks do.

There was a study conducted in New Jersey for Blacks that were claiming the NJ State Police were racially profiling on Interstate 95. So after the study was conducted, it was proven that Blacks were committing more traffic violations by far than their White counterparts. Facts do not care about your color or your feelings, sorry not sorry.

The claim that successful White people haven’t “earned” their decent living is preposterous in and of itself. Whites have an uphill battle as it is as I’ve mentioned with affirmative action etc. No sillier than Blacks that demand reparations for things that occurred long before any of us were alive. Of course they say our ancestors were responsible[ not likely]. At the peak of the Atlantic Slave Trade, only 5% of slave owners were White. Let us also not forget, Africans were killing and selling their own as slaves during that time.

Another oddity is that a majority of Blacks live in Democrat run areas. They literally are duped into modern-day slavery by Democrats with the welfare state. Keeping them just high enough above the water to avoid drowning. They are a part of the reason these “diversity” pushing hacks want equality of outcome instead of opportunity. That is theft. Everyone has the same rights and opportunity to make their own way in the United States.

What if we were to say Blacks [making up almost 70% in the NFL] and an even higher percentage in the NBA was “Black privilege”? You know what would happen. And you know? I could care less. I am fine admitting I will never be on the Philadelphia 76’ers.

To the prior point about slavery and reparations, many misinformed Blacks also state that this country was built on slavery. No it was not. It was built on core principles and ideas by our Founders. Slavery was an awful thing. But let us not pretend it was the fault of all Whites. Surely not White people alive today. Oh and by the way, slave owners were Democrats, voted against the abolishment of slavery, also were the creators and members of the KKK [Ku Klux Klan].

A particular example of how White privilege is a myth is how illegal aliens in the United States are being treated better than American citizens. [And they affect the Black community most] yet they still vote for the left. A Muslim man, per an affirmative action hire in Minnesota had shot and killed an innocent woman [Justine Damond] who had called the Police for assistance. The Somali born man Mohamed Noor was hired as a Police Officer, now that in itself doesn’t bother me.

What does bother me is the hiring of unqualified individuals in the name of “diversity” and political correctness. There is absolutely nothing wrong or racist with merit based immigration or hiring. Or acceptance into University for that matter. Why does the left call Illegals that are criminals “dreamers” and Americans that wish to not have so many illegals “deplorable“? That says a lot in itself. The left preaches diversity, except the most important, diversity of thought. Then again the left is desperate to import votes.

I have a close friend who is an American citizen and happens to be White. He had an unfortunate injury while working. He has worked since a young age, contributes to society, pays his taxes, has a beautiful son. But since his injury, he has been shafted by the state [NJ] and the government. He was in a wheelchair and now has a cane and a boot on his foot. He can not work right now, he can barely walk. However, all the while he had made an acquaintance while staying somewhere temporarily that is here under TPS [Temporary Protected Status] for illegals.

To no surprise, the man had told my friend how he had all expenses paid. From his flight here from Latin America, to his rent, groceries, etc. How in the hell is that taking care of Americans? How is that White privilege? It isn’t, it is the exact opposite. There are more government regulations and implementations that benefit minorities, not Whites.

Also, regarding legal immigrants. Indian immigrants and Asian immigrants here  assimilate well, start businesses, have jobs. They are actually doing much better than Whites, Asians in particular. But according to the left, they’ve earned it but we have not. How does that make any sense? Simple, it doesn’t one bit.

Let’s stop with this false narrative of “White privilege” as it can be proven as a falsity time and time again. It is okay to be White. So for you White, spoiled, and “male privilege” moronic leftists that insist you’re privileged. You must first stop saying ” I am acknowledging my white privilege’, I am checking my white privilege”, ” I am checking my male privilege”. Read a real history book, read some Thomas Sowell on economics  and stop listening to your Marxist professors and teachers. Stop hating yourselves because liberal MSM tells you to!



5 thoughts on ““It’s OK to be White-Myth of White Privilege”

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    I kinda like my “white priviledge”! It’s called the result of hard work. Very good read and great perspective. Complete with facts. Oh! I’m sorry! Did I say facts? I know. How did those silly things get in there? Because they are what they are … facts. And the twisted views that are fed to the unknowing and parroted via the media are not to be trifled with. Apparently by presenting facts. Nice one!

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    1. Thanks brother! Appreciate your follow and your reading. I will have an article up tomorrow on the situation in South Africa since MSM isn’t reporting on it. You are certainly right about media not being fact-based these days. Appreciate the kind words!


  2. Cara

    I agree with this whole article! I could go on for hours about how I feel like a minority for the first time in my life and that I get treated somewhat poorly because I’m white and I’m “privilaged” It also depends on where you live because I never felt this way in NJ.

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  3. I hate this “white privilege” propaganda as it is to infer that Caucasians are the only “privileged” group of people in the United States of America.

    Having grown up during the 60’s, early 70’s, I know what poverty looks like and what we’re seeing in the USA is not it. Through the decades as poverty became less in the USA (not to imply that it is non-existent), Progressives moved the line to support a false agenda and to convince brainwashed useful idiots mostly in the Black community that they are victims. Democratic power is and survival is held up by the rhetoric of victimhood. Once that collapses, the left is done.

    Moreover, I would dare say that those of us who work(ed) our whole lives and whose pockets are being fleeced down to the last speck of lint are the real victims here yet we do not dwell on the tyranny of an overreaching bureaucracy that works against the interests of the middle class.

    Enter 2018, even earlier, as Americans, we are all privileged even the poor, black, white, green or yellow Americans. We are all privileged in that we are blessed to live in the United States of America not some third world country where hungry, half-clothed children play in soggy, feces-filled garbage dumps with all kinds of diseases festering around them.

    It is only in the United States that one who never worked a day in their lives and living off the government dole owns an I-Phone, laptop or two, 82″ 4k tv (maybe two or three), can purchase a hair weave for $700.00, take a cruise to the Caribbean (sp) and a trip to Las Vegas a few times a year while at the same time crying out that they are victims, the white man is keeping them down, yada, yada, yada.

    Most working people that I know cannot afford such liberties. Yet, these are the fools buying into the “white privilege” b.s. Sorry but we are all privileged and for that, I thank God.

    I apologize for the rant.

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