“London-Stop blaming the tool, blame the individual”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has implemented a knife ban-what the hell is wrong with him?

London, and the United Kingdom in general has had many problems since their whole PC and diversity movement. First it was the problem of importing refugees in mass, they now have Non-Muslim “no-go zones”. Police too afraid to arrest them because they don’t want to be labeled as racist or islamophobic. Almost 100 Sharia courts in the U.K. which is an atrocity in itself as it is supposedly a westernized country. Well lucky for us, I call it by the facts.

Recently it has come out that London in particular has exceeded New York City in crime rates. We already know the U.K. is very low on gun owners. Now, the murders have been occurring via the way of evil people with knives. Which only enforces the fact that we must stop blaming inanimate objects for people’s’ evil deeds. Mayor Sadiq Khan of London is only showing his blindness to a little place I like to call reality.

Guns do not kill people, neither do knives. They are tools that bad people use to commit these egregious acts. Think about it, what would stop anyone from using a pipe, a crowbar, a screwdriver, or their automobile? We’ve had multiple terror attacks in the UK, United States and Europe via radicals mowing people dead with their cars, are we going to blame the cars now? Do obese people blame their silverware? [some blame their scale].

It is utterly nonsensical. So instead of getting to the actual root of the problem and arresting these bad people, he has outlawed people carrying knives. It hasn’t, and won’t stop bad people from committing attacks on others. If someone wants to do it, they will find a way.

Khan claims “there is no justifiable reason to carry a knife”. Oh? What about people who are chefs, work construction, handymen. I know I carry a knife often. It has nothing to do with hurting others. Hell, you can kill someone with your damn hands. Are they going to take a piece from Sharia law and chop the Brit’s hands off next?

It is a sincere shame what the leaders in the United Kingdom are doing. They ban people like Lauren Southern over a joke, but allow returning ISIS members back into the country? That in itself is damning of the hypocrisy that is the United Kingdom right now. Suppressing free speech, and people’s individual liberties.

Similar to how the left is attacking our free speech and our 2nd Amendment. Thankfully for us, we have the God-given inalienable right to protect ourselves against bad people and against a tyrannical government. The next elected leaders in the United Kingdom should think about implementing rights to their citizens just the same. They’re in a bad place, but it is still a westernized country and should act accordingly.

There has been an increase of about 15% in crimes involving knife attacks. Many of them could easily be attributed to the radical Muslims occupying the U.K. Just look at what has happened in places like Germany and Sweden. Over 50 have been killed by way of a person with a knife this year alone. Also, the number of Police in the U.K. has fallen well over 20,000, that certainly doesn’t help either.

Though 300 officers have been deployed to the more criminally active areas, it obviously is not a solution to the problem. Like I said, they’re too damn afraid to arrest people because they don’t want to be labeled racist. Give me a damn break. Sadiq Khan is an awful Mayor. Let us learn from their mistakes. Because rest assured if we do not, and allow the left back into power. We will be dealing with the same type of idiocy. Stop blaming inanimate objects, and look at the individuals committing the crimes. Place the blame where it belongs.






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