“Let’s not make Assad’s of ourselves”


Reports have gone all over MSM about the recent alleged chemical attacks in Damascus, Syria. Nobody at this point [despite what they claim] knows exactly what has happened in Syria. One thing is for sure, when both Democrats and Republicans are universally in agreement with starting a war, something is amiss. President Trump has condemned these ‘acts’, as he must as POTUS. But hopefully he sticks to his “guns” from 2013 and stays out of this mess.

We must not forget what happened when we went to Iraq under Bush Jr. or under Obama invading Libya. It created the Islamic State, lawlessness, ISIS. Too damn many of our brave military service members coming home in boxes. Does anyone find it odd that once Trump announced pulling troops from Syria that the so-called attacks occurred within days after?

Everyone attacking Trump saying he’s “carrying water for Putin if he doesn’t attack” is utter nonsense. Another diversion from the truth of the matter. No one knows what has happened, if anything truly did happen.

We can not always be the World’s babysitter. We have enough problems in our own country to be handled before we go into another damn war. Not to mention, we wouldn’t just be dealing with Syria, it would include Russia and likely Iran. Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want to get involved?

Putin had declared that Russia’s mission in Syria was complete and troops supporting Assad would soon return home. A mortar attack severely damaged a Russian airbase. If Putin finds himself in a conflict that he can’t pull out of with dignity, but is unable to label the conflict as a geopolitical struggle with the United States, his political ascendency could be threatened. If Putin has just entered a no-win situation in Syria, why jump onto a virtual “sinking ship” with him?

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a statement last week, announcing American troops would be in Syria long after Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) were defeated. Among other things, Rex Tillerson stated how a continued American presence would seek to remove Assad from power, unify Syria, keep Al-Qaeda and ISIS from re-emerging, and hamper expanded Iranian influence in the region. Sound familiar? Just like how it worked out so well in Iraq and Lybia right? Oh wait…

Remember Trump during debates with low energy Jeb Bush how the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] was spending $1 billion per year in Syria with little to show for it? As it was nearly impossible to identify the “good guys” when gearing-up anti-Assad troops. In one example, after training and equipping hundreds if not thousands, all but five of the CIA’s rebels disappeared. So-called moderate Free Syrian Army organizations that had given United States’ funds and weapons ended up committing atrocities or being allied with groups like the Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

Not only endangering Americans, but just like Iraq and Lybia, involvement in a Syrian civil war would cost us trillions. Also more American soldiers. It’s obvious there is an agenda, and it is not for the security of our nation.

Let us also not forget that Syria has a high Muslim dominant presence. Sunni and Shia Muslims. Most Muslims despise the west. This isn’t due to Assad’s actions, but the Sunnis proclivity towards radicalism, of which ISIS has been the most abhorrent and recent manifestation. In Alawite-dominated Syria, Iran will always be a potential suitor when Damascus requires outside assistance, due to Iran’s Shiite religious affiliation.

Removing Assad all but guarantees that radical Sunni elements would gain more ground, and that acts of violence toward non-Sunnis would be dished out as “vengeance” for the crimes of the Assad regime. Also, removing Assad does not guarantee that non-Sunni Syria stops eyeing Iran as a potential benefactor in times of trouble. US intervention would only create more of a humanitarian crisis.

Iran also has a lot of influence in the Middle East. Though it’s not a strong possibility at this moment, groups like Hezbollah would have a much easier time implementing their radicalism throughout other parts of the Middle East including Syria if Assad’s regime is to be overthrown.

The only “good guys” that we support in this civil war in Syria would be the Kurds. They could effectively help in the prevention of another uprising of ISIS or a new ISIS. President Trump should listen and respect our generals, but that doesn’t mean he should pander to their thirst for war. Doing anything more than assisting the Kurds in Syria, for example, amounts to “fighting two wars at one time.” Exactly what POTUS spoke out against.

It was dumb for Bush Jr. to send troops to Iraq. It was even dumber for Obama to send troops to Lybia. Trump spoke out against that as well. It’d be silly to repeat the same in 2018. Let us not continue to make the same mistakes. Let us take care of our own, and our country before we bother with lost causes like Syria. Not to mention they hate us! There were naval ships deployed near Syria, but I have faith Trump will make the right decision and keep us safe and the hell out of Syria’s civil war. Let’s not make “Assads” of ourselves.


Former British Ambassador to Syria, ” In all probability the images have been staged, The BBC [Network] doesn’t allow questions of important detail be addressed.’ The so called first responders [white helmets] are a Jihadi outfit, please engage your brain”.

This is only more evidence that this was a false flag staged. Let’s stay the hell out of Syria!

ALERT* U.S. approves military strikes in Syria, why can’t we learn from past mistakes? (Iraq & Syria)

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