“Illinois, Mass – pushing firearm confiscation, UnConstitutional!”

Our 2nd Amendment and Bill of Rights provides these God-given rights to all Americans.

So let us get to the matter of Illinois breaking our God-given Constitutional rights! That’s correct everyone, they have pushed forth a gun confiscation. From what has been reported it seems they are only confiscating AR-15’s, but from all law-abiding citizens. And with the south side of Chicago having a ton of gun crime and illegally owned firearms, we law-abiding citizens are the only ones being punished.

It is simply unconstitutional, against our God-given right to bear arms. The left has been unhinged, but are they trying to get people killed? Illinois [and now Massachusetts pushing a ban] is threatening anyone that does not turn in their AR-15’s with a $1,000 a day fine. Which of course unpaid would result in a warrant for arrest. That would imply them going door to door like the f***ing Gestapo. This is unheard of!

AR-15’s to be banned and/or confiscated is utterly ridiculous in and of itself. They are not assault weapons, if you want to refer to them as such…Then what the hell are other firearms? Meant to tickle? Let’s get real people.

It is nothing more than a .22 rifle with a higher magazine capacity. Not a military weapon. In a war, anyone with an AR-15 would get their ass handed to them. I know I’d rather take a few rounds from an AR than a 12-gauge magnum shotgun. That’ll take your head clean off.

The 2nd Amendment itself was to protect citizens against this type of tyranny. I can guarantee you there are going to be a lot of law-abiding gun owners that refuse to give up their weapons, and you know what? I don’t blame them one bit.

Thankfully, the 2nd Amendment Foundation has filed a lawsuit and is seeking an injunction to block this unconstitutional power move by the leftist Gestapo. The Illinois Rifle Association and private citizens have joined this legal challenge. I am glad they’re not taking this lying down.

Again, the folks there near the most crime ridden and homicide area in Chicago are supposed to give up their means to protect themselves while criminals retain their illegally owned firearms? Ha! Not me I know that much. Someone invades the home of a single mom or any family home for that matter, and you have no firearm to protect yourself or your family, and they’re supposed to wait for 911 to respond?

I have had the unfortunate personal experience over the years with friends, family and neighbors who have called 911 and it has taken them at times 20 minutes to arrive! By then that law-abiding citizen is as good as dead. Especially considering the ineptitude of the FBI on virtually every shooting, and the Broward county shooting where local deputies stood outside while kids were slain. It doesn’t make me feel too warm and fuzzy about relying solely on others to protect ourselves in our own homes.

Massachusetts has implemented the same ban, upheld by Judge [activist] George Brown. All the same, it is against our Constitutional rights. No one should stand for this bullying by the left and the deep state. It is nothing more than a power move that punishes only the law-abiding.

We must stand strong, this is the exact reason our Founding Fathers gave us these rights. God-given rights that are not to be infringed. The most important being in the case of a tyrannical government. President Trump has defended the 2nd Amendment through and through, God bless him for that. But we need to do something to over turn this ridiculousness before the left starts another Civil War. Though they are the side of “anti-gun”, I wish them good luck with their endeavors. They’re going to need it.



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