“Woman shoots 3 at YouTube Headquarters”

Iranian woman shoots 3 before killing herself at YoutTube HQ in California.

The other day an Iranian woman by the name Nasim Najafi Aghdam shot 3 people at YouTube headquarters before turning the gun on herself. We are still trying to get all of the details, but we know this. She was a PETA activist, looks like Michael Jackson, and was a registered Democrat. Possibly a radical though not a Muslim. It seems she was enraged by censorship via YouTube. But sure, that calls for a few shot people.

Ms. Aghdam, who was in her late thirties and lived in Southern California, often discussing Persian/Iranian culture, veganism and animal cruelty, performed music parodies and made exercise videos on YouTube and on her personal website.

Law Enforcement in Mountain View, California, about 30 miles south of San Bruno, said they had found Ms. Aghdam sleeping in a car near a shopping center around 1:40am on Tuesday. The car was parked a few miles from the headquarters of Google, YouTube’s parent company. The officers soon discovered that the vehicle was connected to a person who had been reported missing on March 31st in San Diego, the Mountain View police said on Wednesday per sources.

Amazing how the moment the story broke, the left as usual went viral about banning guns yet again. Without knowing the facts of the case [shocker]. Why is it the left continues to place blame on inanimate objects? This woman shot those 3 people, not the hand gun she used before turning the gun on herself.

As soon as it came out she was a registered Democrat and an Iranian women, at the time a possible practicing Muslim, liberal MSM completely dropped the story. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative, plain and simple. Identity politics at its finest.

She had even been questioned after being found in her car as I mentioned above, she claimed she was not a threat to herself or others. Mountain View Officers felt she was not and released her. Though the family of Ms. Aghdam had told police about possible warning signs by their daughter/sister. Expressing her comments of her being furious with YouTube.

The 3 victims had no ties to the shooter. Ages of the victims ranged from 27-36, 2 women and a man who remains in serious condition. Thank God they weren’t killed. In Iran, Ms. Aghdam was known as “Green Nasim,” a social media user with large followings on YouTube, on Instagram and elsewhere who was sometimes admired, sometimes not.

Ms. Aghdam had YouTube pages in Persian, Turkish and English. In several of her videos posted. She stated that she had been born in Iran, in the city of Urmia, near the border with Turkey. She explained in videos that she and her family are members of the Baha’i faith, a persecuted minority in majority Muslim Iran.

She had made statements in more recent videos she had done; “Life in the United States had not been good“, she said in one video. “There they kill you by ax,” she said of Iran. “Here they kill you with cotton”. An Iranian expression meaning “to die by something that you do not know is dangerous”

In another social media post, she responded to viewers who had begun to wonder if she was mentally ill: “I don’t have any special mental or physical disease, but I live on a planet filled with disease, disorders, perversions and injustices.” Ms. Aghdam’s personal website included graphic photos of slaughtered animals and please not to wear fur or have sex outside of marriage. More recently, she focused on what she perceived as discrimination by YouTube and Google.

So, we know other than San Bernadino that active shooters are typically male. This woman obviously had some major issues. I know I get frustrated with liberally bias social media, but I wouldn’t ever dream of going to Twitter or YouTube and shooting up the place. So much for the AR-15 narrative by the left. Most of these shooters have turned out to be on the left. Surprised? Nope.

California has some of the most strict gun laws. only proving yet again that the stricter the gun laws, the more likely people are vulnerable to an attack. California of course has plenty more issues within their state, homeless, no middle class, litter flooding the streets and massive amounts of illegal aliens. We’ll follow-up on this, as it may have been another failure by police to prevent another shooting.

It is true, political correctness kills, just look at London in the UK.  More murders in London than in NYC, and being committed by the way of knives. Again, debunking the narrative that “guns kill”. No, bad people do.


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