“Border Defense, Ready to blitz”

Thousands marching through Mexico from Central America will be met by military at border.

The hot topic right now is the invasion of illegals from Honduras, Central America marching in unison through Mexico. With the full intent of crossing our border illegally. Not for refuge or asylum, for a free hand out. No one has the right to just come into our country, there is something called the law. We either follow it or we don’t.

It started with a large group of 1,000 migrants. The number seems to be growing as they truck through Mexico, though other reports state President Trump had gotten Mexico to do their damn job and stop them. Regardless, with plenty of migrants still on the way, Trump has enacted anywhere from 2-4,000 of our military [National Guard] to protect the border. God bless him for that.

The left and MSM in particular have been referring to POTUS Trump as being racist and mentions of “dog whistle, more like a horn” from idiots at MSNBC and CNN. How again is it racist to protect the border? It’s called sovereignty. The majority of Americans do not want these border jumpers coming in.

The left also talks about the so-called racism, but they are for open borders and allowing these illegals to come in for free votes. Funny, people like Kamala Harris and others put illegals above Americans, and illegals negatively affect the Black community most. Showing their true colors, no pun intended.

Illegals dilute American citizen’s votes per the census, and places like Chicago and California in particular are going out of their way to give state issued ID’s allowing illegals to vote including in federal elections. Over 1 million have been issued in California alone.

Next, the left is stating that President Trump is wasting resources and money by sending the military to the border. Illegal aliens cost American tax payers $115 Billion dollars a year! Imagine if we were able to protect our border with absolute certainty and also with ICE rounding up the illegals already here, it would more than pay for itself. But the left won’t tell you that.

Mexico though had detained some of the migrants, they are giving them a “pass”, allowing them to stay in Mexico. Problem there is it will make it easier for them to walk to our border if they choose, and they will. The Mexican government is essentially slapping POTUS and the United States in the face. Funny when about a third of the money that comes into Mexico comes from Mexican people in the United States! But Trump hits back twice as hard with threatening to pull out of NAFTA [ North American Free Trade Agreement ].

These people, I am sure they are not all bad people. But the law is the law. Nothing personal, but hell no are you coming in to my country. I mentioned it is not for refuge, now to be fair they are coming from Honduras and Central America is a violent place. But we already have over a third of El Salvador’s population living here. The point is, when is enough enough?

We have had these organizers Pueblo sin Fronteras [ People without borders ] and these massive groups of migrants have been taking voyage to the United States each year for at least a few years now. The group founded in 2010. Last year in 2017 it was well over 100 migrants, and to be fair about half settled in Mexico. But it doesn’t change the facts.

The fact is are we are a country. Countries have every right to allow or to not allow mass migrants to enter the country. Many illegals that come here are criminals other than the fact they’re here illegally. Murders, drug cartels, rapes, identity theft, human trafficking, domestic violence. It also adds to the already ridiculous fact that illegal aliens are illegally voting in United States federal elections.

Ever notice how Democrats refer to we American citizens as racists, and illegal aliens as “dreamers”? That in itself speaks volumes. Thank God President Trump got rid of the “catch and release” nonsense. Illegals never show to their court hearings once being let loose in the country.

This will ensure that illegals remain detained until their court hearing. An update to come as many are still approaching our southern border. But Trump has deployed thousands from the National Guard to meet them, adios illegals!



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