“The March for Laughs”


Thousands of useful idiots marched in D.C. among other major cities.

So last Saturday, forgive me I’ve been under the weather so I am playing catch up, there was the so-called “March for our lives”. It was started from idiotic teens on the far left along with support from entities that murder babies like Planned Parenthood, had special guest singers that included a rapper that was arrested on a gun charge the year before. You can’t make this stuff up.

Since this all started from the Broward County school shooting, the left, and kids nationwide have been clamoring about gun reform and attacking the NRA, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott. Essentially anyone that disagrees. I call the march, the “March for Laughs”.

Why? Of course it is not because I am ok with children being slain. It was a tragedy. But, it was not at all the fault of the NRA or anyone in the GOP. The left, MSM [especially CNN], and the idiots like David Hogg blaming the NRA and Rick Scott is moronic. The facts of the case show there is absolutely no correlation to guns and shootings. People kill people, not inanimate objects.

Would you blame the fork and spoon for being fat? Would you blame the car if you killed someone with your car? No, it would be on the individual. The MSM has been exploiting these kids to push gun reform, David Hogg seems to be loving the limelight  and blaming all non-responsible parties.

Facts of the shooting that spawned the march, the FBI long with Broward County Sheriff’s are why Cruz got the gun in the first place. Also why the shooting occurred. The armed school officer was spineless and stayed outside. Following 3 other deputies from Broward County that also felt the need to cover their own asses instead of going in to save those kids.

Not the GOP, not the NRA. It’s preposterous to throw blame at organizations like the NRA where they protect our 2nd amendment as well as providing gun safety and training. In the 1780’s, the NRA was founded. They armed and trained slaves among others to combat and protect themselves against the KKK. The KKK was founded and run by Democrats by the way. So lets not pretend the NRA is some evil entity people.

So the day of the march, hundreds of thousands were in attendance with their nonsensical signs. Accomplishing nothing other than virtue signaling and leaving a bunch of garbage in the streets. David Hogg, a complete idiot in my humble opinion, speaks to and about people he disagrees with like a sailor. F***ing this and F***ing that. Bullies people by getting their sponsers to drop. He is a damn bully. He has yet to accept my challenge to a debate [shocker].

Kyle Kashuv, only 16 years of age on the other hand is pro 2nd Amendment and a survivor of the Florida shooting in Broward County. He instead of seeking limelight, met with legislators in Washington D.C. They actually discussed reasonable changes to ensure that the type of failures that occured with the FBI and the Broward County Sherriff’s doesn’t happen again.

That is actually doing something about it. Not yelling a bunch of talking points like idiots. I am not attacking survivors of the shooting, but Hogg is no victim. He chose his path. The 2nd amendment and the Bill of Rights was created by the founding fathers and they made them God-given rights to American Citizens.

That is something sacred and worth protecting at all costs. We will not sit back and allow a bunch of children and a skinny punk [Hogg] to dictate our freedoms. Taking away the 2nd Amendment would only punish law-abiding gun owners. Funny the kids were made to wear clear backpacks to school, and they’re all complaining. Sucks when your rights are taken away doesn’t it? When you ask for rain you have to deal with the mud too.








3 thoughts on ““The March for Laughs”

  1. Patricia David. @patrici82841064

    Should cover the two new cities in IL -Deerfield is one I believe- that just BANNED AUTO GUNS- w/$1000 fine per day if don’t turn in (how they gonna know who has & hasnt? They gonna go door to door & get ppl killed?) Lists are NOT LAW but the continual push for UNIVERSAL background check IS 1ST STEP IN NATIONAL CONFISCATION-CitiBank, BankAmerica, WellsFargo & I think AmExpress now saying CANT USE THEIR CREDIT CARD TO PURCHASE GUNS

    There are PRO 2A rallies in every state capital April 14th. FL FREEDOM CREW FB- announcing it & they would have details abt other states.

    There are 46 Repub seats WITH NO CANDIDATES – Is this a RINO coup w/Dems to take over house & impeach trump?

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    1. Oh absolutely, I’ve been on social media about the story The Second Amendment as well as the Bill of Rights are very important to me.
      They were given to us as God given rights and there’s something very sacred about that. But left doing this is literally going to start a mini war in the state of Illinois. The only thing I have to correct you on as as not automatic weapons, it’s semi-automatic weapons.
      Automatic weapons have been outlawed from us 30 years or more
      Only making it that much more ridiculous about this gun confiscation besides the fact is unconstitutional
      The only guns left will be the illegal owned ones in Southside of Chicago.
      But yes I’ll be doing a piece today or tomorrow I promise!


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