“Trump gets baited to sign spending bill-Or did he?”

President Trump signs Omnibus-Budget bill at $1.3 trillion, despite little to start border wall construction.

President Trump has certainly let a large amount of his supporters down recently as he threatened to veto the spending bill [Omnibus bill]. But as I believe he was baited with the allure of a grand, unstoppable military he just couldn’t resist signing it. It only leaves $1.6 Billion to start the wall, when at least $25 Billion is needed. That was likely the largest reason for his being elected. “A big, beautiful wall”.

Now Trump is no dummy. He has other ways he can go to de-fund Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary cities. He has full authority of what funds get sent to their designated areas. So let’s hope he has a move up his sleeve to do so and funnel those funds to building our border wall.

With that finally doing something legitimate to stop illegal aliens from continuing to flood this nation. Defunding Sanctuary cities along with other laws implemented can start to chop down on the 20-30 million illegals in this country. I can only laugh at the 11.3 million being thrown around by the left and MSM. That number for illegals is 10 years old folks. It’s likely double that.

Now, let’s unpack the good things and the bad in this spending bill. Of course the good would have to start with the Military considering it is a massive part of the bill. The Military will be getting $700 Billion overall, but many millions if not billions of dollars are going to countries in the Middle East. Such as Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia.

I can’t for the life of me figure why we would send multiple millions of dollars to Middle Eastern countries, as well as China. China is receiving $15 million for “developmental assistance”. They have enough money, and they’re certainly not a friend. They are more a threat to the US than Russia by far, though the left will never admit it.

The other good parts of the bill is at least we’re getting a start on the border wall at $1.6 Billion. Hopefully more will be reallocated to it. Sorry, not sorry Planned Parenthood! PP, who is getting [as usual]  half a billion. They only murder millions of babies every year. Also, with the opioid crisis in the US, I like the $5 billion going towards helping Americans with opioid issues.

PP and Sanctuary cities being the worst of the bill, this one really aggravated me. $500 million going to Sanctuary cities? Why are we funding areas that are defying federal law? However, the good thing is as I stated before POTUS has the authority to reallocate the funds as he desires.

Theres some smaller breakdowns within the bill, $4 million going to “Anti-harrassent training”?? Why in the hell is that a need? Oh thats right, it is not in the least. But that is the meat and bones of the Omnibus spending bill that POTUS Trump signed. I was very disappointed at first. I even said, ” he may have just given away his re-election“.

However, since he signed it. It seems he once again is showing why he was elected in the first place. Why he is the master of “the art of the deal”. Knowing full well with a slim majority and vicious moronic Democrats fighting him tooth and nail that he had to sign the bill for our budget. My logic was he got “baited” with the allure of a massive strong military. I’m sure there is some truth to that. But, as long as the border wall is constructed to full functionality, he’ll be in office for another 6 years.

Also, we can’t forget that this spending bill is only through the end of this fiscal year. And again as a reminder, President Trump by law has the full authority to reallocate the funds from the baby murdering Planned Parenthood folks, as well as reallocating the funding to sanctuary cities since they are essentially aiding and abedding illegal aliens that are felons just being here.

Not to mention the majority of them are criminals. From rape, to killings, drugs, human trafficking, drug cartels, identity theft and domestic violence. Not to mention their being here dilutes my vote and yours if you’re an American citizen. On top of the fact the sanctuary cities allow and abed illegals [like AG Becerra & Mayor Rahm Emanuel] whom are providing ID’s to let them illegally vote in federal elections, that’s a disgrace. We will put an end to the insanity. Even if we have to cut California from the Union to do it as they’re like Chicago and Maryland. Out of control and Un-American.



*Apologies readers, was under the weather but rest assured I will be cranking articles out like there is no tomorrow!



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