“Serial bomber in TX dead-Questions remain”

The ATF along with State and local Law Enforcement worked together in Texas to track this bomber Mark Anthony Conditt

There have been a total of 5 bombs set off in various parts of Austin Texas, and one just outside of San Antonio by a FedEx building in recent days. There was another that never went off, and then ultimately the one that blew up in the suspects car causing his demise while SWAT Police Officers were pursuing him. That would be 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt from Pflugerville, Texas area.

Conditt was an unemployed young man, also a college dropout who in recent days had been terrorizing Texans. Especially in the Austin area where most of the bombs were placed. Multiple bombs detonated from materials he had purchased from Home Depot to make them at home. He had used trip wires and switches for the detonation of his “home-made” explosives. During the bombings, he was reportedly staying at a local Red Roof Inn.

There were 2 deaths from the bombings, 4 others injured. MSM is trying to label it as racially driven, however the victims have been a collection of White, Black, and Hispanic individuals.  Debunking their narrative after the last Austin bombing before the one that took his own life. Not to mention the fact it’s pathetic they would try to politicize this before they know any of the facts. But, that is our modern-day left.

He did however, make a self video on his phone for 25 minutes hours prior to his demise. It discussed the weapons he had made and their differences between the different bombs. Also obviously making statements in the video which amounted to a confession in itself. Where he actually resided he had two room mates.

We will have to wait to see if they [room mates] were, or are involved in any way or had any knowledge. That’s the number one concern from law enforcement and motive at this point. Are there more bombs out there? Is there anyone else involved, any accomplices that will detonate more? The bombings first started early in the month, and thankfully it seems to be over for the sake of those local Texans.

The report from the ATF that stated “all bombs were constructed by the same individual” implies he was acting alone. But we all want, and need to know what in the hell drove this young man to commit these atrocious acts. From the video he spoke as more of a less “politically driven” type. So was he another far-left nut bag? Was he a radical right-winger? Was he radicalized by ISIS into a ginger Jihadi? Or was he simply a disturbed young man, maybe suffering from depression and just said, “f*** it”?

As with most things, only time will tell while the investigation is completed. Let’s be happy the authorities put an end to the serial bombings. The only shame is the kid couldn’t have been taken alive to get more information as to his motivation. I’ll follow up once more information is released on the matter.


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