“IRS-Illegals & ID thefts”

The IRS reported recently that illegal aliens are apparently stealing the identifications of millions of Americans at an even faster rate than prior years. I am sure to most with a functioning brain do not find that surprising. But the other details I bet surely will. This past year’s numbers were virtually matched from the 5 years before combined.

From 2011-2016, 1.3 million cases of identity theft were documented by the IRS [ Internal Revenue Service ] committed by illegal aliens who had been issued an ITIN [ Individual tax payer identification number]. ITIN’s are typically issued to resident or non-resident aliens and or their spouses. When the IRS was asked if they had referred any single one of these 1.3 million cases for prosecution they could not confirm even one. Which in itself is a felony under the Social Security Act.

The left like to throw the 11 million illegals statistic in the United States when arguing immigration. With that number being a decade old, it is more likely to be anywhere from 15-30 million, depending on whom you ask. The Inspector General [IG] of the Tax Administration who oversees the IRS had reported that in 2017 alone, an additional 1.2 million cases where illegals have been using other people’s social security numbers to file tax returns on wages earned. Again, that is a felony.

IRS again could not confirm if any one case had been reported for prosecution. It’s no wonder everyone is so damn sick of the left pushing their agenda of keeping illegals and letting in more illegals just for damn votes. It’s hurting millions of American citizens. You know, those people you took an oath to serve if put in office?

Imagine if you found out that you’re hurting because of an illegal alien filing with your SSN and you have no clue it’s even happening. Only to also find out that the IRS had known and never forwarded any cases for prosecution. I know I’d be pretty pissed.

ITIN’s really started in 1996 and were intended for foreign nationals who had a tax liability a number to utilize while filing. In effect with the increasing illegals, the IRS determined by 1999 that the vast majority of them are-in-fact illegal aliens. Essentially making and embracing policy that legalizes illegal aliens on the law-abiding citizens dime. It increases the potential for fraud, obviously. Whether it is the individual employees themselves, or the employer filing these returns illegally, it needs to be forwarded for prosecution by the IRS.

We have W2’s not matching names, photo ID’s, identities being stolen. Including many cases with illegals involving drugs, rapes, and murders. This ITIN issuing to illegals is only one of many reasons we need to rid the United States of sanctuary cities and states.

Illegal aliens are majorly not your typical valedictorians or veterans as the left would like you to believe. I am well aware they are not all bad people, nothing is all. But let’s be consistent. The American people have spoken. IRS, Representatives of California, Chicago, Denver and alike, do your damn jobs and take care of the American citizens before illegals at our expense.



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