“Why I’m fine with McCabe’s firing”

FBI Deputy Director McCabe fired.

We, being anyone into politics or that pays attention to the news has certainly heard about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe being fired. It happens to have occurred just two days before he could have retired. Of course, special treatment as it seems per sources that McCabe would still receive a majority of his very healthy pension. Why is someone who has allegedly interfered with investigations, [spied on Americans with bogus evidence and covered up evidence to protect people like Hillary Clinton] complain for being fired!?

McCabe should be counting his lucky stars is if all he gets as a consequence is a lighter pension. He belongs in jail along with Strzok, Page, Clinton [HRC], and certainly others involved. We again, will have to wait for the full truth to come out. All the while hearing the ridiculous talking points of the Left on MSM how this is “Trump trying to cover his ass”, because he feels the “walls are closing in on him”. “This is a move Putin would do.” Really?

How about a logical thesis with the current evidence that we know of, let’s play it out: Former Director of FBI James Comey, followed by Andrew McCabe among others in the FBI with ties to HRC or her campaign, were obviously a huge part in Hillary’s miraculous ability to evade consequence for her actions from the email scandal [ confirmed by the DOJ Inspector General how McCabe mislead evidence], lying to the FBI, National Security leaks, and most importantly HRC’s server being “bleached” to wipe incriminating evidence. Damning evidence in itself if you ask me.

They all assume Hillary was a shoe-in to win the Presidency. Ergo, none of them would need to worry about future repercussions. But since Donald Trump won, we’ve had this never-ending nonsensical Mueller investigation [more like witch hunt] into so-called “Russian Collusion”, which has turned up absolutely nothing except for some Russian idiots on Facebook dropping all of $46,000 to sow political discord between Americans. Not affecting the election one bit. Yet the left refuses to let go of the Russia narrative, to no surprise.

Evidence from both memos proving the FISA warrant was illegally obtained from the Steele Dossier which is 90% bullshit. Sources ranging from Russia, Ukraine, Europe. None of it corroborated. McCabe was well aware of this fact. Yet still with the very shady dossier, obtained a FISA warrant. Ultimately used to spy on law-abiding Americans like Carter Page and now current President Donald Trump.

Also the evidence showing Obama very likely had a hand in this to try to get any dirt possible on Trump to ensure Hillary’s victory. Makes more sense to me than, “The Russians and Putin are working to rid anyone that will prove Trump’s guilt”. Give me a break you hypocritical leftists, liberal MSM is tanking. I wonder why? [rhetorical] What sounds more logical to you?

So, of course social media was in an uproar after AG Jeff Sessions fired McCabe. Former CIA Director John Brennan has tweeted his strong disapproval of McCabe’s firing. Labeling President Trump as “a disgraced demagogue, who will go down in the dustbin of history, America will triumph over you“. Then, a tweet that was quite chilling by Samantha Power, ” Not a good idea to piss off John Brennan“.

What the hell is that supposed to mean!? Sorry, but you would have to be an idiot to not see that as a threat to the POTUS. He didn’t fire McCabe, Sessions and the Inspector General did first off. It’s no wonder Americans fear the “Deep State”, and yes it is a very real entity or group of powerful individuals. The “Establishment” it is more often referred to as. An elitist class of rich and powerful people in this country. They feel they deserve a say in every damn thing that goes on in this country, and even the world. [i.e.- George Soros]

Back to the actual firing of Andrew McCabe. Even shifty Adam Schiff (D) of California admitted stating during an interview, “The firing of Director McCabe may very well be justified”. Now that speaks volumes as we know the Democratic Elitist-obstructionist-puppet that Schiff has always been.

Jeff Sessions had also made statements about how not only Comey, but McCabe as well had leaked sensitive information to MSM. “McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor − including under oath − on multiple occasions”.  McCabe claims he had authority to do so, and there was only one person above him, James Comey. No surprise Comey’s prior testimony being under scrutiny, but who knows between the two who’s being honest about what.

President Trump did weigh in of course on twitter which I’m sure played a role in former CIA Director Brennan’s tweets. Trump was basically saying how the FBI is better off without McCabe. But his mistake in my opinion is his mentioning of Mueller loosely. People than have a leg to stand on as it were to say Trump seems more guilty trying to hide something connecting Mueller’s investigation to McCabe.

Like when Andrew McCabe himself said “Trump is trying to discredit the Mueller investigation“. Which I honestly do not believe is true but again it somewhat comes off in that fashion, MSM is certainly attacking that straw man. The investigation into McCabe from the start was based on Hillary’s Email scandal, his dishonesty and other involvement in the investigation.

Most don’t realize it was the Office of Professional Responsibility that started the inquiry into McCabe. Not Trump. So he should “dial it down” a bit on twitter, or be cautious of how he words things. There’s simply no evidence to try to conflate one matter with the other. At least not yet. But I don’t believe Trump is guilty of anything regarding the election, [ DOJ confirmed this already ] or anything politically for that matter since being sworn in to office.

Let’s not forget either regarding why I am “A-OK” with the firing of McCabe before retirement. Regarding the Email scandal by HRC that he helped cover up. His wife, Jill McCabe who had a failed Senate run received over $675,000 in combined contributions from a Clinton ally. Who happens to be Governor Terry McAuliffe. Jill McCabe’s failed senate run was in the state of Virginia. But certainly a justified reason to why McCabe shouldn’t have been involved in the HRC Email investigation with obvious bias.

So we will have to wait see what else unfolds in the near future with all of this craziness. We’ll see if McCabe is only losing a pension though he did the same as General Flynn who lost everything, same as Martha Stewart. They were both indicted for lying to the FBI. But McCabe could very well be charged, he himself lied. Only time will tell. With all of McCabe’s corrupt acts and obstruction I don’t see how anyone can objectively think it’s not the best thing for the FBI’s reputation and having the ability to reestablish their trust with the American citizens.








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