“[TPS] Illegals to sue Government-Who do you think you are?”

TPS, Temporary Protected Status. Temporary being the operative word. I’ve discussed the nonsense of the left pushing “bigotry” as Trump’s reason to end TPS before. No, he is making it what it was supposed to be, temporary. However, many of these illegals from El Salvador, Honduras etc. have been here for 20 years. One third of the entire El Salvadoran population worldwide live in the United States.

Now, these same illegals from Africa, Central America, and Haiti are now suing the federal government. Yes, you read that correctly. Of course, to no surprise the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] has gotten involved on their behalf. The ACLU has been long known to be bias to the left’s agenda and protecting illegal aliens. The lawsuit in itself is against President Trump and Homeland Security.

These clowns can continue with their talking points about how “they’re children”, though they are not. They argue based on immigration, not including the fact that TPS is a temporary status for providing relief and temporary asylum to people who have suffered from things like natural disasters: earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Until of course they can return home.

That brings us to the pushback Trump received for the “sh**hole” comment. Well, if these countries are so damn wonderful, what is the problem with them going the hell home? After being here in the US anywhere from 8-20 years on the tax payer’s dime. Throw all of the “oh the families are being broken apart“, “they’re good people“.

I’m sure a lot of them are good people. I mean that sincerely. But the numbers show otherwise. The majority of illegals including TPS and DACA maybe aren’t so grand after all. Especially ones from northern Africa being Islamic [some radical], and Central America flooding us with gang violence, human trafficking, rape, murder and drugs. MS-13 members for example have come through to the United States via TPS and DACA.

Lawsuits from Haitians state: The order to end temporary protected status [TPS] for Haitians violates their due process rights because the termination was based on the President’s categorical and defamatory assertions about all Haitians, which the Haitian TPS recipients were given no opportunity to challengeNo, that is their opinion first and foremost. The left loves to throw opinions out as fact. Trump was taken out of context, he simply wants to have a merit-based immigration system that does not only take immigrants from one place, or one area. Quite the opposite of racist, bigoted or derogatory.

Though some of the POTUS’ comments may have come off as uncouth, he is no bigot. If it is “Temporary Status”, then why isn’t it temporary? Seems logical to me. Trump offered amnesty to over 2 million illegals in the immigration battle between the GOP and the Democrats. The fact we gave them a safe place to live for many years, now illegal. They’re going to sue us!? That’s no different from DACA illegals demanding Constitutional Rights. You’re not bloody American citizens! We have Constitutional rights. I wish ICE would have picked them all up. Where the hell do they get this sense of entitlement?

The Democrats wanted nothing to do with the DACA deal. Because even they knew with that amnesty deal for DACA recipients, they would have to concede to the building of the southern border wall. Which the majority of voters want by the way. That would in the long run prevent illegals from entering the US. Which would result in the Democrats not regaining power and or control. That is all the Democrats have and will ever care about.

The ACLU refers to TPS beneficiaries as “asylum seekers”. More like illegals that used TPS, maybe needed TPS sincerely. But had no intentions of leaving for the welfare and free benefits. They claim there is no reason to deport these TPS migrants. Well, funny because most as I stated are criminals, join gangs, and push a ton of drugs. Let us never forget, President Trump is only enforcing the law.

Haitians have been given a place to stay for almost 10 years, you’re welcome. Migrants from El Salvador have been here under TPS for almost 20 years, you’re welcome. Lastly, Hondurans have been residing here in the United States for just over 20 years, you’re very welcome. There is nothing temporary about that. Time to go home ladies and gents. Sorry, not sorry. We took pretty darn good care of all of you. You knew the deal.

Oh and leftists, this has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with abiding the rule of law in the United States and taking care of our citizens first and foremost. That is the way every country should operate. I know you Democrats want open borders, illegals to vote for your representatives. Tough you’ll never admit to it. Just keep playing the race card, playing the victim and continue virtue signaling.

That is all you have, talking points and false narratives with no substance. Exploit children as usual and talk about how these “poor families are being broken apart“. Just like that video we saw on MSM. Turned out that woman was involved in a human trafficking ring. See how easy it is to deceive the masses? Enough is enough. We can all be empathetic to these people and their families. It is not a matter of us caring or not. But unfortunately, the law is the law. If anyone doesn’t like it, vote to try to change it.


*For more information on TPS, check out my earlier piece on TPS and the Left trying to give them permanent residency*





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