“Students walkout-Teachers & MSM are only exploiting them”


Students across the country with the assistance [ and leadership ] of their teachers and school administrators walking out in protest of guns and advocating gun reform. This is a growing movement and a scary one at that, since the failures of local [Broward County Sheriff] and federal law enforcement [FBI] resulting in the 19-year-old shooting and ultimately killing 17 at a school in Broward County Florida. There have been non-stop attacks on the GOP, the NRA, and law-abiding gun owners by liberal MSM and the left.

These kids who’ve been literally brainwashed by MSM, Marxist teachers and schools. Not to mention how Sheriff Israel of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department ironically, on multiple occasions, threw blame everywhere but where it belonged. Despite the fact it was his department’s 4 deputies that failed to act. It was the FBI that failed to act when it could have prevented it from the start. But hey, let’s all just blame inanimate objects and the NRA who had nothing to do with this or any shooting. Guns do not kill people. Evil people with guns murder people.

To no surprise, the same hypocrites that organized the “Women’s march” were also, along with high school students across the country- putting together this student walk out to “protest Congress’ inaction”.  Well how about the inaction of the damn deputies and the FBI?! What about the mental job that actually pulled the trigger? No blame seems to go to where it should be, especially in this Florida case.

Saddest part, is majorly speaking these kids either don’t know what the hell they are talking about, doing or being made to do. Or they’re simply doing this with the false sense of it actually affecting future possible shootings. Sorry kids, but you can’t even make your beds properly let alone affect my Constitutional rights when you can’t even vote. With the facts showing the cowardice of Broward County Sheriff’s, and the ineptitude of the FBI. How could one reasonably sit there and call the NRA a bunch of murderers along with the GOP? Are you insane? Or just uninformed.

As to the exploitation of these children by MSM, parents, teachers and schools is nothing but wrong on every level. It’s a political move by the left and it’s shameful. Using these children that frankly don’t know any better for the most part. Even being forceful to those who do not wish to march for the reported 17 minutes.

Schools and Universities, why are our kids being molded into activist-pawns for the left when they should be learning Math, Science, History, English? Do your damn jobs teachers. We need to do something about the brainwashing occurring at our schools in the United States and Canada for that matter. Pushing for more government control but push against that very same government and punishing only those who are law-abiding citizens in the end.

There were approximately 150-200,000 that were supposed to walk out that day, including students from European countries per a “Women’s march” spokesperson. What burned me the most were the stories about students that were punished or suspended for not walking out of school, or their classroom. So now we’re punishing students who think for themselves and don’t want to have a school protest by walking out? Where the hell is the logic in that?

A teenager in Ohio was suspended from school for refusing to walk out of school for this “gun protest”. No different from CNN suppressing students at the gun rally that had opinions that didn’t fit the left’s narrative. It’s all garbage being pushed by the left. Oh, and side note about the folks praising these oh so wise children. In Chicago during the walkouts, students rioted and destroyed a Wal-Mart. Others tore down American flags and were aggressive towards law enforcement (I wouldn’t blame them in Broward county). Only proving we have a problem with parenting, schools, and behavior. Not guns.

I do not recall these same idiots organizing a walkout to protest “guns” when Representative Steve Scalise was shot. Or more importantly when Kate Steinle was shot by an illegal alien, Jose Zarate who is now suing the federal government!  I didn’t hear a damn peep about this when a radical Muslim Omar Mateen shot over 100 people in Orlando killing about 50 people. For nothing more than becoming a “famous” and pledging himself to the Islamic state and Al Baghdadi. Eight people mowed down by a radical Muslim in a truck in NYC. Nada, nothing, zip.

MSM and these Democrats are using these damn kids to push their agenda and it’s disgustingly obvious. Anytime you disagree with a Democrat on guns they talk about how “well you just don’t care about dead children”. Of course we do you assh***. It’s a matter of would gun reform laws have had a difference in Florida recently, or other incidents?

The answer is simply and unfortunately no. It would not have and it won’t in the future. Armed guards at schools are the best idea, and they should be punished mightily if they cower like Broward County deputies did. For once, don’t be hypocrites. If we’re supposed to “listen to the children”, then listen to all of them. Not just the ones that will do and say what you want them too.







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