“Lauren Southern detained-Later banned from United Kingdom”

Lauren Southern, a libertarian-conservative from Canada, was detained and now is banned from the U.K.

Recently Lauren Southern, a Canadian commentator online and public speaker. Who is a libertarian-conservative as to the best and simplest way to explain her views. She was detained in the French port town of Calais Sunday night for over 6 hours under the British government’s “Schedule 7 Anti-Terrorism Law“. Then later removed and banned from coming back to the United Kingdom for her so-called “extremist” Christian-conservative views.

She was banned when it’s all said and done for having so-called “racist material” on her person when interrogated [ a paper saying “Allah is gay”]. As well as the “distribution of racist material” in the United Kingdom which were pamphlets saying the same about Allah. It was a parody of atheists or whomever had posted pamphlets about “Jesus being gay, or trans”. They were testing the theory of how different religions would react since there really was not much of a complaint about the Jesus pamphlets.

Of course, the U.K.’s “PC Police” came down on Southern to protect the Muslims f***ing feelings. The U.K. has literally gone mad. Protecting radical Muslims, ISIS members, thousands of illegal mass migrants. All the while attacking their own citizens, visitors like Lauren Southern and others who are obviously not a threat to anyone. Simply there to have a gathering of free speech and an exchange of ideas.

She had gone to the U.K. to speak and interview Tommy Robinson. A local of the town Luton. A small town in the U.K.with a decent sized population of Muslims. He as well speaks out against Islam and the radicals committing terrorism, murder, and rape. He speaks to the cultural takeover with Sharia courts and “no-go zones” for non-Muslims. The U.K. government does not like him one bit. He is a citizen, abides the law.

Yet he’s the one that gets treated like the “bad guy” by local police there in the U.K. anytime the police are called per a situation occurring or that had occurred. Sadly, they are more concerned with being “inclusive” and pushing the “moral” BS about “acceptance” to migrants. “Oh, the poor refugees”, which in reality in many cases are ISIS members returning from abroad. They allow hundreds if not thousands of radical Muslims back into the country, but Lauren Southern is a threat!? Where’s the logic British Government?

Of course she isn’t a threat, except to the feelings of radical Muslims and social justice warrior softies. For her to be detained for 6 hours and questioned about her Christianity and while doing so trying to pressure her to try to get into her personal information on her phone and so forth, not allowing her for hours to contact legal representation. Attacking her for the “Allah is gay” pamphlets for racism. Islam is an ideology not a race you morons.

Then once releasing her, no explanation other than a piece of paper stating she’s a “threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom“, and literally dropping her off alone early in the morning in Calais saying nothing but “au revoir”.

Only a few days before, a very similar instance had occurred. Martin Sellner and journalist Brittany Pettibone whom are also activists were detained as well, but for days. Everyone is realizing the United Kingdom is in a much worse condition than anticipated. The “PC police” are out in full effect in the UK. Maybe now, Americans [especially on the left] will wake the hell up and appreciate the fact they live in the best, most free nation on Earth.


Here is the United Kingdom Schedule 7 Terrorism Law:

Under the schedule, UK police can stop, examine and search passengers at ports, airports and international rail terminals. Unlike with some other police powers to stop and search, there is no requirement for an officer to have a “reasonable suspicion” that someone is involved with terrorism before they are stopped.

A passenger can be held for questioning for up to nine hours and those detained must “give the examining officer any information in his possession which the officer requests”. Any property seized must be returned after seven days, but data from mobile phones and laptops may be downloaded and retained by the police for longer.
Those detained are compelled to answer questions from the police and must not “obstruct” or “frustrate” any police searches. If someone fails to co-operate they are deemed to have committed a criminal offence and could face up to three months in prison, a fine or both.



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